Joe Delfino & Miller Street Studios Are Here for Aspiring Artists

Joe Delfino

Hear the difference when you step into Joe Delfino and his sleek and comfortable Miller Street Studios.

Who is Joe Delfino?

Joe Delfino is a professional music producer and sound engineer, best known as the founder of Miller Street Studios. He is the Chief Engineer/General Manager of the Chicago-based recording studio. He also serves as an educational mentor.

Working in the industry for several years, Joe Delfino has helped produce and engineer countless artists and music. His professionalism and character has allowed him to create a lifestyle he loves where he can continue to innovate and further develop artists globally.

Joe Delfino’s Passion for Music

Joe Delfino attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences to learn all there is to know about music engineering and production.

Delfino has always had a thing for music and beats; a passion that was born and nurtured while he was a teenager. In 2000, at the age of 16, he began with creating beats and recording for his friends locally.

Two decades later, he is a notable music producer, as well as the founder of Miller Street Studios, where he has produced and engineered music for various recording artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Shawnna, Twista, Ace Hood, Plumb, and more.

Miller Street Studios

Miller Street Studios is a professional recording studio founded in 2008 located at 1913 A Miller Street in Chicago, Illinois. It is owned and professionally operated by notable talents in Chicago, consisting of Joe “Dante” Delfino, Robert Sno Clark, Mike Petro, and John Bassmaji.

Delfino and his team consistently work on multiple projects throughout the year. Whether it’s a single or an album a client wishes to record, Miller Street Studios is built for success, professionalism, and sound. In the studios, you’ll find artists recording singles, EP’s, demos, and full-fledged albums that sometimes take months.

The state-of-the-art studio is well-furnished with the most updated hardware, software, and acoustics to create radio-worthy hits. They offer various professional services which include recording, mixing, mastering, and fully-fledged production. To learn more about the studios, details, and any current rates/deals, visit the studio’s official website and pages in the links at the bottom.

Affordable High-Quality Services

Joe Delfino and his team are stacked for success. As an experienced music engineer and producer with years in the business, Delfino and Miller Street Studios are helping bring upcoming and established artists into the spotlight.

One of Delfino’s missions is to discover and develop young and talented musicians onto a level of sound and success they’ve never dreamed of. He prides himself in opening the door to high-quality production at affordable and realistic rates for artists who truly need it. And as a result, Joe Delfino himself and Miller Street studios have found themselves in their own inspirational success story.

Reach out to Joe Delfino and Miller Stree Studios at:

Personal IG account: Joe Delfino

Studio website: Miller Street Studios

Studio IG account: Miller Street Studios

You can also check out Miller Street Studios on their Twitter account @MillerStStudios. Joe Delfino and Miller Street Studios are also on Facebook @millerststudios

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