Melokid: The Catalyst Transforming Music Distribution Worldwide


Melokid is not merely a run-of-the-mill distributor or music label. They don’t just pave the way for the creation of melodies that resonate and lyrics that inspire. At Melokid, they facilitate growth and success for independent musicians, etching unforgettable moments into the hearts of music lovers across the globe.

With multiple projects in progress such as music distribution, high-quality customer support, music promotion, and recording and production, Melokid is the metaphorical artist’s palette facilitating color, rhythm, and rhyme. It is the ultimate springboard for distinct voices to reach the popular platforms of today, like Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon Music, Instagram, Tidal, and YouTube Music, amongst others.

Through its responsive, human-centered approach, Melokid ensures rapid music release delivery and support response within 24 hours, providing a seamless user experience on its platform. What’s more, it offers a slew of promotional services spanning playlist pitching to social media ad campaigns and live shows presentations.

But there’s much more behind the innovative concept. Birthed from the minds of artists and operating under the banner of BCS Entertainment, Melokid stands out as a beacon of hope for emerging musicians longing for recognition and growth. The company’s core services: distribution, promotion, management, and label offerings, are all laser-focused on empowering artists via technology. Working from their headquarters based in Brussels, Belgium, and with regional offices in Laeken and Zaventem, Melokid commits to offer comprehensive support to musicians across the globe.

Diversity and authenticity are the lifelines of Melokid, with its curated mix of talented musicians from a myriad of genres and styles. Through their extensive network, musical talents can deliver their work to major streaming platforms, radio stations, and online stores, carving a global niche for their artistic expression.

The journey of Melokid is one filled with humble beginnings and visionary leaps. Originating as a small audio engineering label in Brussels back in 2017, Melokid expanded into recording studios and started a music distribution brand in 2023. They opened the doors of distribution to artists worldwide, thereby becoming a transformative force in the music industry.

The essence of Melokid lies in transcending the traditional distributor archetype by offering unwavering human support to amplify creative brilliance. Aptly named MelExplode, it offers artists the chance to reach untapped global audiences on numerous platforms. It exists as much more than just a counterpart to platforms like Distrokid, Tunecore, CD Baby, Ditto, and iMusician. Melokid strikes a unique chord as it prioritizes artists’ concerns regarding efficient support, swift distribution, ownership, and access to robust promotional tools.

Melokid is committed to indie musicians while also fostering connections with major labels, opening up avenues for showcasing transformative music talent to the world. This commitment to artist empowerment and growth makes Melokid not just a platform for distribution, but essentially a home where every note finds its true resonance.

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Sign up with Melokid where, for 19.99€ per year, you get to keep 100% ownership of your music along with fast distribution and additional features. With Melokid, unleash your flow, transcend boundaries, and let your music captivate audiences, globally. Welcome to Melokid, where music finds its true home.

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