Jesse Means: Captivating the World with Consistency, Belief and Music

Jesse Means

Struggling with obscurity, bracing the long hours of solitary toil while pursuing a dream, and relentlessly believing in oneself—sounds very much like a script out of an inspiring Hollywood saga. But for Jesse Means, this is a tale of personal experience, chronicling his remarkable journey in the music industry. This Alabama born artist’s insistence on staying true to his individuality is perfectly embodied in his life motto: never stop being yourself.

Born fifth into an eight-sibling clan, Jesse traversed through life’s trials and tribulations from an early age. He was just a year old when tragedy snatched away his father, leaving his mother to battle the rigors of life alone. Despite monetary constraints, Jesse subsequently took a keen interest in different styles of music and dance, laying the foundation of his musical career.

From the early days of singing in his church choir at 7 to studying electronics and juggling odd jobs to support his passion, Jesse’s tenacious spirit never diminished. Later, he would move to Germany to advance his life opportunities, harmoniously integrating his music, poetry, and songwriting skills garnered over the years. Today, Jesse boasts an impressive repertoire of over 4222 songs and 2300 poems, perhaps an indication of his untiring devotion to his craft.

Known for his alternative pop with a chillwave vibe, Jesse’s first single “Dark Times” serves as an anthem delivering motivational strength and encouragement during challenging times. But his upcoming single “Be Yourself” is likely to create a bigger stir. This track, while retaining Jesse’s signature messaging, pays tribute to NASA and science fiction television, promising a unique blend of music that’s sure to resonate across audiences.

But Jesse’s sphere of creativity and innovation surpasses his music voyage. He has recently added “author” to his diverse list of accolades by penning his forthcoming book, ‘Above and Beyond.’ This riveting read implies that our extraordinary journeys and expanding understanding of the universe may eventually transform dreams into reality. It’s hardly surprising, considering Jesse’s lifelong affinity with exploring territories that lie beyond the threshold of mere existence.

His journey, however, is far from over. Jesse’s unwavering belief in his musical ability compels him to continue creating and sharing his music, undeterred by the industry’s usual age restrictions or elusive recording deals. He candidly admits to dreaming about collaborating with legendary artistes like Mariah Carey, Ne Yo, and Coldplay, among others.

Jesse continues to grow and evolve in his craft with upcoming performances aptly timed for the release of “Be Yourself,” set to be available in Dolby Atmos Audio on February 1, 2024. Fans can catch his performances airing on ‘New Fangeled radio’ in the UK and ‘562 live‘ in the United States. For further updates and information, fans can visit the artist’s official website and Instagram account.

Just as Jesse pens ballads that inspire and create hope, he also makes a case for inventiveness beyond the realm of music. Holding a patent for an invention focused on maintaining safety on airport runways echoes Minor Myers’ famous words, “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.”

In his music, Jesse Means hopes to inspire freedom from worldly tethers, underscoring the importance of unabashedly being oneself. Humbled by his own multi-faceted journey, he echoes a sentiment which forms the cornerstone of his life and work: to be yourself, irrespective of societal stereotypes or narrow-minded impositions. As he embarks on new ventures and creates inspiring music—Jesse Means not just sings his songs, but lives their spirit.

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