The Dreams That Fuel YungDior & His Fire


Birth name Francisco Forester II, YungDior, is a stage name that Francisco adopted as a way of manifesting his dreams of one day working with Dior. When asked why he wished to work with the brand, he only had this to say – “I Have A Song That Would Go Very Well With The Brand.” If that’s not manifesting good fortunes for yourself, then what is?

The Inspiration Behind The Making Of YungDior

As with many artists of our time, Francisco’s dreams of becoming a famous artist started young. He had older cousins who were small-time musicians and had spent much of his childhood watching them make music at the back of their house in a small shed.

Coming from a family already very musically inclined, it was only natural for him to get into the industry and hone his interest and talents. To top it off, Francisco was lucky enough to be a young man with aspirations to make it in the music industry, with prominent shot artists like Mac Miller, Eminem, GreenDay, and Kanye West releasing music left and right for his inspiration.

And sure enough, much of Francisco’s musical influences are these artists who shaped how he perceived music. In hindsight, his passion that was already inherent, along with the environment where he grew up, all played a massive role in helping him become the artist that he is today.

His dedication to the craft also deserves due credit for how YungDior has grown as an upcoming musician. Like many other industry artists, Francisco also believes that his emotional connection with music inspires him to create the best versions of his musical craft.

Manifest Your Dreams Into A Reality

In the world we live in today, young artists get disheartened hearing phrases like “you need to be born with a silver spoon” or “you need to have connections in the industry if you want to make it,” but Francisco is here to prove them wrong.

If there’s anything that Francisco wishes to bring to light with his YungDior persona, it is that anyone can become anyone they want to. You don’t always need to be in the best situations and have the perfect scenario to make your dreams come true. Sometimes the unlikeliest of situations can give birth to your best creations.

The one thing that Francisco always practices is hard work, and that shows in his work. And with artists like Eminem and Juice World fueling his fire for the greatest underdog stories of all time, there’s no holding back.

What’s In Store For Us?

Even though he is currently enlisted in the army, his passion for music is not going anywhere. With his roots firmly planted in music, the road has been paved for greatness for young Francisco Forester II.

His 5-year plans include owning his studio, which he will name Heartbreak Studio, and getting verified on various social platforms. He wishes to earn his living through his music and bring his family up with him, which is a wholesome 5-year plan!

Get in touch with him through Instagram or Twitter or add him on Snapchat (francisc6346).

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