Making Waves: How Steven Jarvis and Cancer Records are Cranking Up the Volume

Steven Jarvis and Cancer Records

Believe it or not, in the quiet town of West Point, Georgia, an underground musical revolution is churning lately. The man stirring up this rock n’ roll storm? None other than charismatic Steven Jarvis, proprietor of the renowned studio and record label, Cancer Records. With a bad boy energy and an uncanny knack for rocking the music industry, Jarvis is helping music artists, young and old, punk or reggae, to realize their dreams.

Running Cancer Records by day and ripping the strings of his guitar by night with the reggae-punk band Badabings, Steven Jarvis is a seasoned multi-faceted artist. His artistic journey began in the high school corridors, recording his first album and holding on to that rhythm ever since. The rhythm echoed louder when in 2016, Jarvis got an opportunity that redefined his career path – a chance to build a music studio in Macon, Georgia, right from scratch. He enjoyed the whole process and in 2018, he and one of the studio owners decided to venture out to start Cancer Records.

Cancer Records, unlike other prolific record labels, chose to march in a different, more vintage rhythm. They decided on vinyl. A quite unusual choice in this modern age of digital streaming and downloads, yet intriguing. But it’s the undeniable charm of vinyl that was unavoidable. The unique aesthetic qualities and extended longevity of music on vinyl negates the fragility of modern digital formats and creates a compelling thematic coherence. Oh, and let’s not forget the magnificent cover arts, so visually enriching, no mp3 file can compete!

Simultaneously, Steven continues to awe the crowd by donning another hat – that of the lead guitarist and vocal powerhouse of Badabings. Describing their music as reggae punk with an angry twist, Badabings is packed with a massive hit of energy – best described as an east coast Sublime but with more growly vocals.

That’s not all, folks. If you’re part of a band and dreaming of making an album, guess what? Steven Jarvis wants to hear from you! Hit him up and get ready to be summoned to West Point, GA. Looking to jam with artists, Steven’s dream collaboration is with G Love and Special Sauce. Reflecting his jovial attitude, Jarvis believes it would be a fun jamming session.

Currently, the eclectic Jarvis is juggling multiple exciting projects. One being a mix for a ska record of the band, “Left Hand Hot Dog” and the other, the next reggae-cowboy thriller record by Badabings launching sometime next year. With his terrific talent for making bands sound ‘real’ and ‘exciting’, Jarvis is constantly working to elevate quality music from the underbelly of Georgia music scene.

Steven Jarvis’s works, whether his album production or his live performances, ring with a common note: the raw, real quality that resonates with unabated joy. His mission of making bands sound good is, in his words, his “whole thing”. And in doing so, he doesn’t limit his canvas to any specific genre – he works with a vast spectrum of musical artists, squeezing the best sounds out of their instruments. Under his expert guidance, both albums and artists alike get the magical fairy dust sprinkle that makes them shine!

Ultimately, Steven Jarvis and Cancer Records are all about celebrating the power of music, in all forms, in all genres, and from all crevices of the world. They’ve put West Point, Georgia on the map for being a hotspot of indie, alternative, reggae, punk, and metal genres. The small town, thanks to Jarvis and Cancer Records, is now singing – nay – rocking to their infectious rhythm.

Discover more about his work on the Cancer Records Website. He’s also quite active on social media; you can follow Steven Jarvis on Facebook and Instagram. For more updates from Cancer Records, visit their Facebook page and Instagram profile. And don’t forget to check out BadaBings on Facebook and Instagram for a slice of their raging reggae punk music.

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