“Still Kicking”: Trickster’s Grand Return to Music with an All-Star Cast

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Austria’s own musical prodigy, the bold and ever-intriguing Trickster, is back in the recording studio and is spinning the globe once again with the release of his latest single, “Still Kicking,” in collaboration with several industry luminaries known for their association with Robbie Williams, Mike Oldfield, James Blunt, Tom Jones, and many more.

A captivating tale of survival and unyielding resilience is intricately woven into the evocative and heartfelt lyrics of “Still Kicking.” Every note and word resonates with the echoes of Trickster’s personal odyssey, painting a vivid picture of a life that has witnessed both deep valleys and soaring peaks. From the turbulent storms of a challenging childhood, marred by adversity and trials, to the crushing blow of rejection from a prestigious music school, his path was anything but straightforward. Add to this the shadowy corridors of prison cells and the daunting spectacles of courtrooms, and one might assume his spirit would waver.

However, the most profound testament to his indomitable will was his ability to rise from the ashes of a catastrophic car accident that threatened to rob him of everything he held dear. Through all these twists and turns, what remains a constant is Trickster’s unyielding spirit. His journey, marked by countless challenges, is also a chronicle of undying determination, profound self-evolution, and awe-inspiring transformations.

Born in Austria, Trickster has not only enchanted his homeland but also grabbed the attention of the global audience with his magnetic persona and enigmatic aura. Following a childhood in a broken family and numerous personal trials that could have ended him, Trickster fought his way through to become a musician whose story is as mesmerizing as his music.

After those initial years, Trickster faced some legal challenges due to financial misjudgments, which briefly took him off course. However, living up to his name, Trickster rebounded with remarkable versatility. He mastered 11 languages, served in the military, took to the skies as a pilot, and ventured into strategic oil and gas deals in Latin America. Profits from these ventures saw him generously giving back, as he channeled nearly half of his earnings into charitable causes, underscoring his commitment to social upliftment.

Trickster’s already extraordinary story took another incredible turn in 2017 due to a life-threatening car accident in South France, an incident that forms the backdrop of “Still Kicking.” Even in this devastating occurrence which witnessed the destruction of all his belongings, including incriminating evidence crucial to his work with law enforcement, Trickster lived to tell his tale. Lyrics such as “I don’t know how, I don’t know why, there must be a reason why I didn’t die,” reflect his miraculous survival. This single can also be viewed here » Still Kicking Official Video

This near-death experience, a chilling brush with the inevitable, became a watershed moment in Trickster’s journey, profoundly shaping his perspective and priorities. It instilled in him a newfound reverence for the wonders of the natural world, allowing him to view life through a more appreciative and contemplative lens. Moved by this epiphany, Trickster made a resolute decision to champion nature-related causes, pledging to redirect a significant portion of the revenue from his musical endeavors towards these noble initiatives.

The majestic echo of the mountains, the whispers of the wind, and the serene calls of the wilderness find their way into his compositions, resonating with listeners and connecting them to the earth. This deep-rooted connection, combined with his unyielding passion, propels his ambitious vision forward: to lay the foundation for the UK’s premier talent nurturing hub in the imminent year, aiming to cultivate and showcase burgeoning artists who share his love for music and the environment.

Guy Chambers, who’s known for collaborating with Robbie Williams, produced “Still Kicking” alongside Richard Flack and Trickster himself, which has now been released through Trickster Recordings and Absolute Distribution. Among the all-star lineup who assisted in creating this masterpiece are Jim Hunt, Tom Rees and Trevor Mires among others.

Trickster’s future pipeline also appears to be brimming with exciting projects. He is currently working on this year’s Christmas No 1, a harmonious blending of the two most significant Christmas songs through the years. A new rock track is slated for an October release, while an exhilarating Festival Remix cropped from one of his upcoming creations, produced by DJ Panda, is also in the pipeline.

Undeniably, Trickster’s chronicle of life stands out as a testament to the human spirit, painting a vivid picture of an individual’s capacity to overcome, evolve, and thrive amidst life’s challenges. His journey, an impressive saga, seamlessly interweaves moments of persistence and transformative change, all underscored by the universal language of music.

With his unparalleled synthesis of resilience, intrepid adventure, and deep-rooted philanthropy, Trickster’s presence in the global musical arena is not just noticeable but profoundly impactful. As he continues to carve out his path, there’s no doubt that his sweeping strides on the world stage are destined to leave a lasting and indelible legacy.

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Trickster’s newest single “Still Kicking” is out now on all major platforms.

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