From Lead Pencil to Gold Pen: The Rising Star, Change1Only RBA

Change1Only RBA

Tuning in on his frequency, Change1Only RBA strides into the limelight, wielding music like a verbal magician who pulls beauty from every verse. Born Uriah Glasford Smith, the Birmingham native who was nurtured in Leeds’ music reality, has mastered the intriguing art of blending pain with purpose, transforming personal struggles into an anthem for many who are finding their way in life’s relentless maze.

Describing his music to a first-time listener, he paints a relatable narrative, threading enduring life events and individual struggles into a potent storytelling tapestry. Singing out life from a standpoint of authenticity, he creates a magnetic connection with his audience. At a glance, this is the story of a musician with big dreams who persevered through the bitterness of life’s uninvited losses.

Entering the music industry at the tender age of 15, Uriah released his first single “My Story” in 2019. This track was an intimate elevator ride into his world, slowly ascending with every verse, a heartfelt introduction which set the stage for his rapid growth into the music industry. As he continues to carve out his unique sound, one can hear the echoes of his journey and experience in every lyric, diligently reflecting his personal evolution.

Uriah, though only 20 years old, brings to the table an old soul and a mindset that sets him apart from others. Constantly growing in his music career, he cleverly navigates the universe of rhythm and rhyme, dodging the commonplace and diving headlong into the ocean of creative innovation.

This rising star has been hard at work, churning out a new single titled “Purpose.” Having already garnered over 17 million views, his ambition is to take his music global, create his own legacy, and make the world listen. Switching gears but staying true to his craft, his mission gears towards crafting something distinctive, acknowledging the world’s craving for something unique, something specifically him.

His musical motto to other artists on the rise is to uphold authenticity. As he stresses, it’s perfectly fine to swim against the current of the mainstream, and the idea of being unique should be encouraged and celebrated in the vast ocean of artistry.

As one listens to his music, his cherished hope is that his listeners would understand that they’re not alone in their life battles. His music provides a comforting shoulder, a consistent reminder that each person’s personal ordeal is but an aspect of the human experience.

Uriah’s journey began when he was fifteen when he accidently discovered his love for music. Falling irrevocably in love with it, he pursued it doggedly, eventually becoming one of the most successful musicians in Leeds, UK. His single PURPOSE, a lyrical tale about his life and the hurdles he triumphed over to get into music, spun the heads of millions, securing over 17 million views. Never one to rest on his laurels, he’s consistently on the look out for what lies ahead.

Change1Only RBA is certainly an artist to follow. You can stay updated on his milestone journey by following his Instagram account @Change1Only RBA or tuning into his musical magic through his YouTube channel @Change1OnlyRBA.

Born Uriah, known as Change1Only RBA, he’s already changing the world one verse at a time. Expect nothing less than extraordinary music that transcends everyday experiences and classic norms, because this rising artist is here to leave a legacy and, by all indications, his captivating soundtrack is here for the long haul, here to stay.

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