Alia Rose | A Powerful New Voice Connecting Soul’s Past to R&B’s Present

Alia Rose

At 31 years old, Alia Rose is making a name for herself in the music industry as the daughter of legendary musician Teena Marie. With her soulful vocals, unique sound, and poignant lyrics, Alia honors her mother’s legacy while forging her own path.

Introduced to music at a young age by her mother, Alia made her professional debut as a backup vocalist on Teena Marie’s album La Dona in 2004 at just 13 years old. Since then, she has been dedicated to completing her late mother’s final record and launching her own career, spending years refining her skills and developing a sound that pays homage to the past while remaining fresh and innovative.

Her latest song, “When Stars Collide,” showcases Alia’s powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The stunning beauty and emotional depth of the song are further emphasized in its accompanying video, produced by Zola star Taylour Paige. Today’s feature delves into Alia’s journey, including following in her mother’s footsteps, collaborating with Taylour Paige and Otis Kane, and her passion for writing and acting. Fans are eagerly anticipating what Alia has in store next, as her talent, drive, and determination promise great things ahead.

Growing Up with Teena Marie

As the daughter of multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer-songwriter Teena Marie, it’s no surprise that Alia Rose has found success in the music world. Teena was known for her ability to blend various musical styles, and Alia has taken these lessons to heart, creating a sound that is both reminiscent of the past and uniquely her own. She has been writing and recording music since her teenage years, developing a distinctive voice that sets her apart.

Alia is grateful for the opportunity to make music and continue her mother’s legacy, despite the pressure of comparisons. She believes her mother would be proud of her growth as an artist.

Collaborating with Taylour Paige

Alia’s lifelong friend Taylour Paige directed the music video for “When Stars Collide.” The two share a special bond that shines through in the visuals, having known each other since high school. As a talented actress and producer, Taylour brought her own unique vision to Alia’s music, resulting in a striking visual that complements Alia’s soulful vocals.

Working together to achieve Alia’s vision, the pair exchanged ideas and made compromises as needed. Taylour was committed to bringing Alia’s childhood dreams of old Hollywood to life in the video, and the final product is a visually stunning and emotionally moving piece.

The Making of When Stars Collide

Alia is thrilled with her recent EP, a project she’s been working on for quite some time. Over the years, she has written and recorded hundreds of songs, and she’s now ready to share her talent with the world. Alia’s music combines modern R&B with classic soul, and her lyrics are passionate and evocative. Her unique voice, which is both powerful and vulnerable, resonates with fans of all ages.

Alia never tires of listening to “When Stars Collide,” her favorite track on the EP. Another standout is “LoveGun,” which highlights her strong vocals and emotional range.

Working with Otis Kane

Alia has been collaborating with Otis Kane since she was 17 years old, and the two have grown closer as musical partners. Otis, a producer and composer, has worked with well-known artists such as Kendrick Lamar. Together, they create music that is both innovative and nostalgic, with Alia’s soulful vocals perfectly complemented by Otis’ production skills.

Alia and Otis bring out the best in each other when working on music together. Their deep understanding of each other’s creative vision allows them to collaborate seamlessly, producing music that is both original and timeless.

Writing and Acting

In addition to her music career, Alia is a talented writer and actor. During quarantine, she began writing screenplays and discovered a passion for storytelling. Always a fan of movies, Alia plans to further develop her skills in this area in the future.

To refine her acting abilities, Alia has also taken acting classes. She views both acting and writing as mediums for sharing stories and wants to continue exploring both avenues. Her love for storytelling is evident in her music, which features emotionally charged lyrics and relatable themes that deeply resonate with fans.

Final Thoughts

Alia Rose is a gifted artist who honors her mother’s legacy while carving out her own unique path in the music world. With her distinct sound, powerful vocals, and creative vision, she is destined to become a star in the music industry and beyond. Fans eagerly await more from this rising talent, whose skill and determination ensure her continued success in the coming years.

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