3 Ukraine Concerts In The US That’ll Soothe Your Soul

Ukraine concerts

Music lovers in the country will get a chance to witness some exceptional musical talents from Ukraine this spring.

Despite the ongoing conflict in the country, Ukrainians continue exhibiting resilience and a creative spirit that is hard to suppress.

Enjoy both serene music and lively beats as you catch some of the best modern acts this small country continues to offer.

Skyrabin: An Evolving Rock & Pop Act

Skyrabin’s earliest performances embodied a lot of pop elements trending in the early 90s. As a band formed in 1989, they invariably underwent a transformation that led them to experiment with rock and heavier sounds, along with a unique blend of contemporary pop.

This exciting Ukranian band is set to visit New York in March. The Cutting Room (NY) will host this Ukraine concert. And you can expect some exciting new sounds and exhilarating performances from the band’s renewed lineup.

They were the winner of National Opera Houses’s ShowBiz Awards back in 2006. And if their recent appearances are relied on, they promise to deliver some unseen elements in their latest show.

Where To Catch Them

March 24, 2023, at The Cutting Room, New York City, NY.

The Hardkiss: Award-winning Alternative Rock

If you’re a fan of dynamic female leads in a rock band, The Hardkiss remains an absolute must-see!

The scathing vocals of Julia Sanina and the progressive sounds the band delivers, make The Hardkiss a novel and entertaining act.

The band finished as runners-up during 2016’s Eurovision Contest. Plus, they stood as winners of the Best Ukranian Act during MTV’s Music Awards in 2012.

The Hardkiss were known for their Synth-Pop styles during the early years. But today, they lean more towards sharp Alternative Rock that appeals to a much wider audience. So, grab a ticket, book a spot, and bang your heads to the scorching sounds of one of these Ukraine concerts.

Where To Catch Them

March 23, 2023, at Club Sur, Seattle

March 26, 2023, at Whisky A Go Go, LA

March 30, 2023, at District Atlanta, Atlanta

April 01, 2023, at Park West, Chicago

April 02, 2023, at Racket NYC, NY

Boombox: Unifying Rock and Pop

Boombox is another standout Ukranian band that delivers an exciting mix of modern pop with established rock themes.

Most of their songs have the undeniably radio-friendly melodies of pop with the grounding tones featured in conventional rock. The result is a discography that enthralls and entertains even the most refined tastes in rock music.

It may interest you to learn that all of Boombox’s members signed up for the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Force during Russia’s aggressive entry into Ukraine. Today, they resume tours and live shows after serving in their nation’s military.

Boombox is set to tour across a dozen different venues and events across US and Canada. So, grabbing a show near your location will remain super easy over the next month on Vesna Tickets.

Where To Catch Them

1st of March, 2023, at Vogue Theatre, in Vancouver

4th of March, 2023, at City Nights Club, located in San Francisco

8th of March, 2023, Spot of Kings at Gulfstream Park, in city of Miami

13th of March, 2023, Racket NYC, New York

17th of March, 2023, at The Opera House, located in Toronto

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