The Super Duo of Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix Deliver a Crunchy and Refreshing Ep Dubbed “Dead Summer”

Levi Zadoff and Deadhendrix - Dead Summer

What happens when rap-inspired bold lyricism meets punk rock’s extremely vibrant, deep-driving, jarring, and ferocious sound? Still, trying to figure it out? Let me ease it up for you. “DEAD SUMMER” is exactly what happens. No one is better suited to that role than the exceptionally gifted duo of Soundcloud-acclaimed LA artist Levi Zadoff and rapidly rising Canadian entertainer Dead Hendrix. Borrowing inspiration from the events that preceded and ensued the COVID-19 pandemic, the super-motivated duo was able to engineer a 5-track masterpiece that has been widely acclaimed across various digital platforms…trust me. It is undeniably great and brimming with contagious energy, raw emotions, and passionate performances.

“LOVE GAME” is radio-friendly…this is the type of track you can never resist, as it lures you in from the get-go and takes refuge in your head for the rest of the day. I love what they do with those beats—metallic and relentlessly upbeat as the duo trade verses in a way that would make NF sound like a bad joke. The raw intensity of that instrumentation, flanked by lyrics about struggling to get out of your head…it only feels like a natural order that the beats had to be this venomous!

“ALONE” is another special and dynamic tune that skillfully operates between moments of low and high intensity, perhaps to reflect the contrasting views of each artist about their view of loneliness. Dropping an ear-grabbing lyrical presentation over the edgy rock instrumentation, you deserve a daily dose of this stinging banger!

“DON’T THINK IT COULD GET MUCH BETTER” is addicting from start to finish; the hooks are infectious and invite you to sing along. Some lyrical metaphors meet the relentless punk rock-flavored instrumentation to make this a deadly combo you don’t want to end!

“CANT BE GOD” is a resignation to fate—that somewhat sad realization that you cannot control everything no matter how much you try. This is emotional and is performed with a deserving rap masterclass, with the duo breathing life into the lyrical narrative passionately.

The duo’s raw and passionate vocals give vibrant life to the music’s lyrics. This and ingenuity in production, mixing, and mastering is why you deserve this music in your playlist.

Follow the attached link and live through “DEAD SUMMER” like a cathartic experience!

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