New Singles Showcase Ella Reid’s Unique Take on Joy and Self-Acceptance

Ella Reid
Ella Reid / Singer-Songwriter

It’s a sweltering Tuesday afternoon in Austin, and Ella Reid is doing what she does best – making music and not taking herself too seriously. The local singer-songwriter, perched on a battered stool in her makeshift home studio, is belting out the chorus to her latest single, “Dance Badly.”

“Dance badly, dance bad,” she croons, a grin spreading across her face as she intentionally misses a high note. “Sing like a rock star, sing off-key. Doesn’t matter, just dance baldly with me.”

Reid, 32, has been a fixture in Austin’s music scene for years, but “Dance Badly,” released June 11th on Meadowhawk Records, might just be her breakout moment. The tune, a rollicking four-minute ode to unabashed joy, has been climbing local charts and earning airplay on indie radio stations across the country. The accompanying music video perfectly captures the song’s spirit, showcasing Reid and others embracing their quirky dance moves with infectious enthusiasm.

Dance Badly” is all about embracing imperfection and finding joy in the moment. Reid explains, setting down her guitar, “The song reminds us that it’s not about how you dance, but simply about feeling the music and moving to the beat. It’s about embracing your bad moves and just having fun.”

That sentiment is at the heart of “Dance Badly,” a song that flies in the face of pop music’s obsession with perfection. In an industry where auto-tune reigns supreme and dance routines are meticulously choreographed, Reid’s call to embrace your inner klutz feels almost revolutionary.

“Dance Badly” by Ella Reid

“Look, I’m never gonna be Beyoncé,” she laughs, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. “And that’s okay. There’s room for all of us.”

Reid’s journey to this moment has been anything but straightforward. She’s released three full-length albums and a handful of EPs, each one inching closer to what she calls her “true sound.” It’s a mix of Americana, soul, and pop that defies easy categorization – much like Reid herself.

“I grew up on a steady diet of Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco,” she says, “but I’m just as likely to blast Jelly Roll or Lainey Wilson these days. Good music is good music, you know?”

That eclectic taste is evident in “Dance Badly,” which pairs Reid’s raw, emotive vocals with a surprisingly funky bassline and playful saxophone riffs. It’s the kind of song that sneaks up on you, worming its way into your brain until you find yourself humming it in the shower or tapping your foot under your desk at work.

For Reid, that’s the whole point. “I want people to find moments of joy in their day,” she says, her tone suddenly serious. “If my song can give someone permission to be silly, to let loose for even a few minutes, then I’ve done my job.”

As for what’s next, Reid is characteristically candid. “Honestly? I have no idea,” she chuckles. “I’m just taking it one bad dance move at a time.”

But that’s not entirely true. Reid is already gearing up for her next release, a single titled “So Far So Good,” set to drop on July 9th. When asked about it, her eyes light up with excitement.

“‘So Far So Good’ is really special to me,” she says, leaning forward. “It’s a look at the present, you know? It’s about telling yourself it’s okay to be who you want to be. Make the most of each day and be the best self you can be.”

“So Far, So Good” by Ella Reid (Releases July 9th)

The upcoming single seems to be a natural progression from the self-acceptance championed in “Dance Badly.” Reid nods in agreement when this is pointed out.

“Yeah, I guess you could say I’m on a bit of a ‘love yourself’ kick,” she laughs. “But hey, in this world? We could all use a little more of that, right?”

With two singles dropping in as many months, Reid shows no signs of slowing down. She’s part of a new breed of artists leveraging digital platforms to maintain a steady stream of releases, bucking the traditional album cycle.

“It’s exciting and terrifying all at once,” she admits. “But I’m here for it. All of it.”

“Dance Badly” is available now on all major streaming platforms, with “So Far So Good” following on July 9th. Reid and her band, The Loose Neutral, will be performing at Poodies in Austin on July 26th. More information about this appearance and future events can be found here.

For more information and to listen to Ella Reid’s music, visit her website, follow her on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook, or check out her YouTube channel.

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