Louis X: The Rising Star of the DJ Scene

Louis X - Arntit Stavro

DJ’ing is a tough profession; it’s not always filled with glamorous nights at crowded clubs and festivals. Most DJs only survive based on how smashed the crowd is that night. That’s why it’s so exciting when we come across someone like Louis X.

This up-and-coming musician has the power of a midnight orchestra shooting out of his hands; nobody has felt this more than his audience. Today, we highlight Louis X and talk about how a Greek DJ from Mykonos elevated the nightclub scene to electrifying proportions.

Who Is Louis X?

Born on 14th June 1992, Louis X is a unique DJ and music producer whose groovy soundtracks have caught the attention of a growing set of fans. Louis has performed worldwide and only received love and appreciation from the audience.

Whether Djing at a club in Mykonos or performing at a deep house festival in England, Louis always gets people to dance, groove, and just forget about their problems for the night.

What Kind Of Music Does Louis X Make?

At first glance, anyone would assume this vibrant disk jockey is only limited to electronic and dance tracks. But you’ll realize it’s much greater once you start listening to his music.

Louis X’s music perfectly defines passion; his sound is deeply personal and yet larger than life. It’s a clever and fluid combination of commercial electronic and deep house, with a little bit of early 2000s pop sprinkled into the formula. Call it whatever you want, but we guarantee you’ll love it when the melody kicks in.

What Makes Louis X Special?

Louis X isn’t a “colossal” success in the music industry yet, but we know he will get there soon. He creates unforgettable experiences at every platform he performs, and the crowd loves him for it.

DJs are kinda like conductors mobilizing a massive orchestra of violinists, saxophonists, cellists, and everything in between. The purpose is to mesmerize the audience in a dreamlike trance, making them revel in the euphoric sound.

But in the case of Louis X, the orchestra IS the audience, and he knows exactly how to elevate them. The crowd always dances to his vibrant tunes, melodic waves, and transient beats. It truly is a sight to witness this phenomenon in person.

What’s Next For Louis X?

Louis X is all set to play at the Cosma Club in Mykonos, where he grew up in. He will start his residency in April, so do pop in if you’re in Greece. He is also set to tour Asia and perform at the hottest clubs in Bali, Thailand, and Vietnam. Louis will also be touring in Albania, where he will be performing at an exciting music festival.

Although he doesn’t have the numbers yet, we can clearly see that Louis X is one of the rising stars in the DJ scene. He has been transitioning into a full-time music producer and has worked on several original tracks spreading love on Spotify.

Fans can also check out his music on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud and Beatport. You can also follow him on Instagram to show your support and stay updated on his moves.

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