Tarric: Indie Artist Making Waves with Every Release for ‘Lovesick’


Whisking listeners into a delicate waltz between classic rock and modern indie, Tarric twirls boundaries and merges polar ends with an undeniably infectious charm. Reminiscent of ’80s new wave bands like New Order intermingled with the visceral beats of The Killers, Tarric’s sound harks back to the past while firmly grounding itself in the contemporary scene. Despite the generational leap, the indie rock artist on the rise seamlessly glides through the paradigm shift, beguiling listeners across all age groups.

This artist’s journey is as impressive as his music. Raised in a traditional Indian family nestled in America’s Midwest, Tarric was programmed to pierce into the realms of medicine. But, reminiscent of a fairy tale, he was seduced by his creative dreams, boldly swapping the monotonous corridors of medicine for Los Angeles’ dazzling lights—with nothing more than $400 and an (extremely) old vehicle.

In LA, Tarric rose in the film industry with his production, development, and consulting roles in his company, Intrigue. The artist who had worn many hats also ventured with a stride – and in style, might I add – into real estate investment with Cordoba group. Yet amid this confluence of careers, Tarric always traced back to his first love— music. His passion became his parallel universe, a constant amidst the stream of changing roles.

Fast forward to today, Tarric is anxiously waiting in the wings for his debut album, “Lovesick”. The album is a confluence of classic rock hooks and lyrical narratives born from a whirlwind of life experiences. Through each song, Tarric unravels a poignant pattern of relationships — each number hums the tunes of past connections, painting a vibrant spectrum from romance and friendship to family ties.

Tarric dubs himself an “old soul with a young heart”; a distinct persona that seeps into his dynamic compositions. As the narrative of “Lovesick” unfolds through the sequential release of its singles, Tarric’s sonic palette divulges his mature perspective on life tinged with consistently resilient emotion.

The musical journey that “Lovesick” takes its listeners on is a reflection of a life loved and lost. Its quaint concept, transformed by heartfelt lyrics into somewhat emotional meditations, is like an LP spinning into the listener’s reflections, melding the past with bittersweet nostalgia and the present with its stark realities.

With two singles, “I Had it Wrong” and “Leave it Alone” already making waves, anticipation builds for the rendition of New Order’s “Temptation” set to release on January 12th across all platforms.

Tarric’s music aims at creating a cathartic release for listeners. His wish is for those who lend an ear to his compositions to connect with the emotion that has been instilled into each song and ultimately, to “rock out in general”.

Keeping in sync with the times, Tarric also brings his music to social media platforms, making his work accessible on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

The essence of Tarric’s music lies in its ability to persistently echo an old school alternative rock flare that triggers nostalgia, while blending seamlessly into the fabric of contemporary sound owing to modern instrumentation.

Spanning over 13 songs, the upcoming album “Lovesick” offers versatility and fluidity. It is seasoned with Tarric’s impressive songwriting, diversity, and modern, pulsating instrumentation. Echoes of love, loss, and resilience spiral together in an intimate dance, ceaselessly relatable.

Be it the euphonic blend of modern and nostalgia, the vulnerably raw lyrics or the expansive melodic range, Tarric leaves no stone unturned in offering an all-encompassing musical experience. His debut album seems poised to strike a chord with audiences and cement his spot as a truly modern yet timelessly classic musician.

As Tarric’s melodies bloom into anthems of living and loving, one thing is certainly clear: with him on the music scene, indie rock has found something special.

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