Anna Sagan: From A Marketer to Professional Wood Artist and Wine Educator 

No one ever expects to lose a high-paying job and start their life from scratch. The Covid 19 pandemic caused workplace changes that made many people lose their jobs. Some had to go back to their parent’s homes due to bankruptcy. And that is how Ann Sagan’s life turned out.

Who Is Anna Sagan?

Ann Sagan is a marketer from Arkansas. The 33-year-old had a high-paying marketing career before the onset of Covid-19. The pandemic took the world by storm, and businesses had to downsize, and that is how Ann lost her marketing job in Chicago. However, she discovered wood art and has since made a career out of it. She is now a professional wood artist based in Los Angeles. During her free time, she likes to explore new varieties of wine and wine-making methods.

How Did Anna’s Love for Woodworking Begin?

Anna had a successful career as a marketer in Chicago, but the effects of Covid-19 made her lose the high-paying job. She had no option but to move back home to Fayetteville, Arkansas. While in isolation, she discovered her late grandfather’s woodworking tools in her parent’s garage. 

Now that she had the tools, Anna says she began refurbishing old furniture around the house and making unique wine racks for her family and friends. It was then that she discovered wood art, and her love for woodworking was born.

Anna’s Creative Process

Anna is diagnosed with high levels of ADHD that affect her concentration spans. However, woodworking comes in handy to help her deal with it. When she starts working on a particular project, she will not rest until the task is done. 

When asked about her creative process for large projects, she says, “For larger projects, I like to make mood boards so that my end goal/vision is always in sight in front of me. I need that visual reminder to stay aligned and focused. Otherwise, my mind can completely run off and get distracted.” Therefore, her creative process involves focusing on one small project until it is done and creating a mood board for the larger projects.

Also, Anna admits that she is a hard worker and starts her day as early as 4.30 in the morning. This way, she can focus and finish small projects.

Professional Accomplishments

Unlike other professionals who hold on to their high-paying careers despite being miserable at the workplace, Anna quit her marketing career. Even though people might see woodworking as a downgrade, she views it as an accomplishment despite filing for bankruptcy. 

Anna let go of her career to pursue wood art because it is fulfilling. She says, “Quitting my very nice, high-paying, marketing job to pursue woodworking… and being broke off my ass was probably the best accomplishment I’ve done in my professional career. It was the first time I made a choice to do something for myself because I wanted to”. 

Free Time Engagements

When Anna is not working, she spends her free time exploring new varieties of wine. Since she is a big fan of the beverage, she discovers new regions that produce wine and the wine-making methods. People frown on the idea of wine exploration due to cultural beliefs, but Anna enjoys the activity.

Myths about Woodworking

Most people think wood artists find it easy to make masterpieces. Far from it, the profession needs patience and hard work to see good results. Additionally, one needs a high mental capacity and to remain persistent.

Any Challenges in the Profession?

There are several challenges Anna faces in her woodworking profession.

  • Gender bias- Since she is in a male-dominated field, people tend to look down upon her.
  • Rejection- Most co-shared workplaces do not allow her in because they think she is not experienced enough.
  • False accusations- In one of her workplaces as a part-time carpenter’s her coworkers falsely accused her of causing distractions despite being properly dressed.

Important Tool of Trade

Sanding is Anna’s least favorite activity. Therefore, she needs a good sander to help her get the job done without creating a mess. This is what she has to say about the indispensable tool of trade, “[Sanding] can be time-consuming and mundane… so having a good sander (and one that doesn’t blast sawdust all over the place) is really a game-changer”.

Mentor and Inspiration

Marie Forleo is Anna’s mentor. She wrote the book “Everything is Figureoutable,” which inspired Anna’s mindset breakthrough. Before she read the book, she had limited beliefs that prevented her from pursuing her dreams. Forleo’s book inspired her to let go of her self-limiting beliefs and go for what her heart wants.

Anna feels inspired when people marvel at her wood pieces. She gets fulfillment from knowing that people appreciate her unique work. 

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