Tone Langu: Celebrating Divinity through Boundless Creativity – Written rhythm in the Name of God”

Tone Langu

Anthony Malcolm, known in the music industry as Tone Langu, enters our dialogue like a breath of fresh air, a Man of God with an unshakeable faith that permeates his every rhythm, every lyric. His story is one of worship and transformation, intersecting with the confluence of creativity and divine devotion.

The journey of this gifted rapper began in the church, in the overwhelming emotions stirred by worship, a muse he carries to his art today. However, Tone Langu does not broadcast himself solely as a musician; instead, he prefers the term ‘instrument,’ an extension of God’s will characterized by his multifaceted talents – a singer, songwriter, rapper, and author. Following his IG handle, @Tone_Langu, you will be amazed at how his faith manifests in a diversified melange of artistry.

At the core of Tone Langu’s mission is the desire to spread his testimony of love, grace, and the mercy of God to a world that seems to lack these virtues in its entirety. He is guided by the belief that living through Christ is fulfilling, that being different is okay, and that what one does is not all they are.

He is bridging the gap between storytelling and music with the upcoming project, “Anointed.” This project sees him venture into uncharted waters, blending the world of literature with that of music to deliver a unique, enhanced experience to the audience.

His latest venture, a book released on [Amazon](, titled “Anointed, Lone With God,” is a testament to his innovative mix of various art forms. There’s an EP accompanying the book, where each chapter is voiced as a corresponding song. As the audience engages with the book, the lyrics will add an extra layer of emotional connection to the story.

The EP, “Anointed,” comes with two hugely anticipated singles: “DONT Let me go” and “YIYLANDS”. Tone Langu encourages the fans to stream his music and stay updated with his work, unveiling a continuous narrative about the transformative power of faith and resilience.

His music shatters the bracket one might confine Christian music within. The melodies are catchy, the context intimate, and the depth of his lyrics resonates with the audience. First-time listeners of this genre might come bearing expectations, but will leave pleasantly surprised.

Inspired by artists like Hulvey, H.E.R, Coco Jones, Tasha Cobbs, and Beres Hammond, Tone LANGU’s soundscape welcomes an amalgamation of influences to create a rich, dynamic auditory experience.

In these past few months, Tone Langu’s metamorphic journey has been a testament to God’s goodness and mercy. Each song, each chapter of his book, is a testament to the compassionate nature of God that has deeply influenced his identity, ethos, and everything he stands for.

Tone Langu’s hope goes beyond delivering music; he wants his art to be a bridge linking his listeners to God. His faith is not exclusive but inviting – he welcomes everyone to find peace, love, and resilience through his artistic expressions.

Whether you’re seeking a platform like Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, or somewhere to read his book, Tone Langu’s art spans across mediums, nourishing souls in diverse, meaningful ways. With his beliefs at the center, Tone Langu sets the tone for a community that celebrates diversity, creativity, and above all, God’s love and grace.

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