Six YouTube Playlists To Transform You Into A Wicked Wordsmith!

The American Pronunciation Guide

YouTube playlists are often snubbed and brushed aside in favor of mindless auto-play binges that take you through irrelevant videos. But playlists, when used correctly, give easy access to content that’s stitched together based on relevance and continuity.

Featured today are some awesome playlists that will help you speak, communicate, and convey your words with unmatched verbal valor!

But first, let’s introduce you to the main source of our teaching today, The American Pronunciation Guide:

Now, let’s get started into the guides!

APG & The Essential American Slangs Guide

American English often coughs up unique yet amusing words and phrases that puzzle non-American speakers. Check out this Essential American Slangs playlist by APG that features some common expressions and trendy slang that you may hear an American speak.

You’ll soon be hanging out with the cool kids saying, ‘Yeet’ or ‘Ok, Boomer’ with flair and attitude.

Top Mispronounced Words Playlist

Take a gander at some of American lingo’s most commonly mispronounced terms and phrases. Better yet, learn the correct pronunciation for each of these words as you play the clips.

How many different pronunciations of Worcestershire Sauce have you heard? Ever wondered how to say ‘Billie Eilish’ correctly? This playlist will set the record straight!

Most Commonly Mispronounced Places

If you could have a dime for every time someone mispronounced islands like ‘Curacao’ or cities like ‘Kiev,’ you’d be well off, for sure. Unfortunately, no one pays for wrong pronunciations. However, it certainly pays to know how to name these places correctly.

The Most Commonly Mispronounced Cities/Countries will shed new light on your geography and vocabulary and leave you well-versed with national themes.

Counterintuitive Pronunciations

How often have you seen words spelled in a particular way but pronounced with an entirely different sound? Many cities and locations worldwide often carry names that aren’t spelled the way the letters suggest.

Check out the Counterintuitive Pronunciations playlist to lock down the correct names of every place you thought had a weird name.

APG channel’s playlist on trending words will reveal the correct way to pronounce some of the most popular names and words swinging across popular culture today.

How do you pronounce JVKE, the singer-songwriter? Acai berries are trending as a common ingredient in health supplements. How do you pronounce the name correctly? This playlist has many examples demonstrating how to say these words correctly and accurately.

Correct Pronunciation of Central American Countries

Ever got confused with the meandering names of the countries south of your border? Here’s a definitive playlist that serves as a guide to pronouncing all the confusing Central American countries in the correct manner.

The American Pronunciation Guide

Did you notice that every playlist came from the same channel? That’s right. The American Pronunciation Guide is one of the few YouTube channels that employ descriptive linguistics to teach, inspire, and inform audiences about correct pronunciation across a vast array of American phrases, words, places, and expressions.

The channel continues attracting new subs daily. Today, it boasts over 18,000 uploads and over 41 million views across the board. If you’re not a fan of playlists, they have thousands of less-than-a-minute clips that will refine and polish the way you speak specific words.

Reshape yourself as an authority on American English when you plunge into APG’s fun and informative tutorials.

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