AFROLATINO: Estēvan and Derek Novah Create New Cross-Cultural Fusion of Sound


Fans of global fusion rejoice as Estēvan, the Montreal-based DJ and music producer, takes us on a musical journey with his latest masterpiece. Having co-founded a famed European touring group, “Nöstravé,” at a young age, Estēvan is now making waves as a solo artist. His unique style blends his love for DJing and music production, merging multiple cultural influences into a cohesive and captivating whole.

Estēvan’s most recent venture is the three-track EP “AFROLATINO,” released on 20th August 2023. The project is the culmination of a fruitful collaboration between Estēvan, born Steven Valvasori, and Puerto Rican artist Derek Novah. Defined as an Afrobeats-meets-Reggaeton fusion, the EP nostrums good vibes, danceable beats, and, more importantly, it seeks to invoke deep emotions in its listeners.

Music propels us into different feelings, and Estēvan’s wish to make his listeners feel something – be it happiness or sadness – illustrates his intent. To him, the best kind of music is music for the soul; the kind that makes you experience a heightened sense of connection.

Estēvan discovered his passion at a tender age of 15 while living in Ottawa, Canada, before co-founding “Nöstravé,” which enjoyed extensive tours and high-profile gigs. After parting ways in 2017, Estēvan relocated to Montreal for his solo career, identifying the city as an ideal place to hone his craft.

Out of this solo venture, his connection to Puerto Rico was born, sparking a new chapter of cultural exchange and music fusion. The regular visits to San Juan since 2018 opened up a whole new world, infusing his productions with distinctive Latin urban vibes and introducing him to like-minded artists like Derek Novah.

The creation of the “AFROLATINO” EP signals a new milestone for Estēvan, highlighting his commitment to cross-cultural collaboration and sound innovation. It is more than a great mix of Afrobeats and Latin urban music – it is Estēvan’s love letter to Puerto Rico, a place that has given him deep cultural insights and an enriched worldly perspective.

Estēvan’s journey, however, is far from over. With over five years of industry experience under his belt and an insatiable passion for music that pushes his creativity continuously, his quest for cross-border collaborations has only intensified. His upcoming plans include touring South America and venturing to Africa, where he hopes to dive deeper into Afrobeats and create an innovative alliance between indigenous sounds and his unique production style.

As much as “AFROLATINO” is a representation of Estēvan’s strides as an artist, it is also an effort to spotlight the Afro-Latino community, both in Puerto Rico and across Latin America, emphasizing their significant contribution to regional culture and music. In as much, Estēvan gave his friend Juli Nazario, founder of modelling agency Black Equals Beauty, the chance to collaborate with him on the EP’s visual aspect.

We firmly believe that Estēvan’s legacy is not confined to producing great music. He is an artist who appreciates the unique cultural bearings that every region presents and seeks to tap into that rich heritage, creating a diverse sound palette that transcends borders. As he embarks on his upcoming tour, his fans and beyond can anticipate an immersive musical experience that echoes he’s not just an artist but a cultural ambassador.

For those itching to dive deeper into the world of Estēvan and experience his rhythmic brilliance firsthand, there’s a treasure trove waiting online. Whether you’re eager for behind-the-scenes peeks or full-blown musical performances, Estēvan’s Instagram is where the action is. For an immersive experience, his YouTube channel houses everything from foot-tapping tracks to engaging visuals. And if “AFROLATINO” has piqued your curiosity, satiate your musical thirst here.

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