From Cumbria to Stardom: Amanda’s ‘Rush’ Towards Musical Ecstasy

Amanda Tinkler

Cumbria, England, a haven of sublime landscapes, has nurtured many talents over the years. Among its remarkable natives, one voice, effervescent and enchanting, emerges from the crowd, painting new realities within the vast canvas of music. That voice belongs to Amanda, a name the music world has been falling in love with since her rise to prominence. Born and bred in a small hamlet of this picturesque county, Amanda’s journey is a testament to the fact that passion, when pursued relentlessly, breaks the barriers of geography and circumstance.

A musical prodigy since her childhood, Amanda’s entrée into the spotlight was marked by her dazzling success on the TV show, “Stars in Their Eyes.” Little did we know then that the charming child artist would grow to become a remarkable force within the music industry. She was the first to be selected for the kids’ version of the show and was soon hailed as the inspiration for the children’s iteration by the host, Matthew Kelly.

Since then, Amanda has been on an upward trajectory, amassing a repertoire of performances that many of her contemporaries can only aspire to. She has taken the stage at major UK festivals and events, rubbing shoulders with music industry stalwarts such as Elton John, Westlife, Boyzone, The Sugababes, McFly, and The Hoosiers. Amanda’s talent did not only secure her spot at these grand events, but it also led her to perform alongside Boyzone on their sold-out UK and Ireland tour, gracing iconic stages like the O2, Wembley, and the MEN.

Beyond the allure of the stage lights, Amanda has proven her mettle as a songwriter, making significant waves in the realm of music production. She has co-authored award-winning songs for artists like Raisa, and her lyrical prowess has been recognised in ad campaigns featuring The Paris Saint Germain Soccer Team, Cil, and Andrea Pirlo.

Amanda’s latest release, ‘Rush,’ serves as a testament to her creative versatility. This infectious track marries elements of electro-pop and disco, encapsulating the listener in a vibrant, dance-inducing soundscape. ‘Rush’ flaunts Amanda’s lush, silky vocals, backed by a rhythmic symphony punctuated with string arrangements that hearken back to the golden era of disco. Amanda teamed up with producer Antonio Dixon, known for his work with Ariana Grande and Beyonce, to create this exuberant piece. It’s a feel-good anthem encouraging its listeners to let go of inhibitions and revel in the moment.

What’s fascinating about Amanda’s approach to music is how it fosters a sense of intimate connection with her audience. When you listen to ‘Rush’ or any of her previous records, you step into a safe space designed to provoke emotion, enabling you to be present and feel deeply without judgment or boundaries.

Looking forward, Amanda has her sights set on further collaborations, expressing admiration for the intricate production style of artist Kaytranada. His music, she says, continues to surprise her, revealing new layers with each listen. And it’s this same depth and complexity that she aims to weave into her own upcoming projects.

Currently working on an EP slated for release this fall, Amanda continues her journey, creating a ripple effect across the global music landscape. ‘Rush’ is just a glimpse into what this versatile singer-songwriter has to offer. Amanda, a small-town girl turned international sensation, is just getting started, and the world is her stage.

Discover Amanda’s music on all major platforms and stay connected through her Instagram and Youtube for all the latest updates on her musical journey. And while you’re there, do give ‘Rush’ a listen, and let yourself get swept away in its infectious rhythm and Amanda’s soulful voice. With Amanda, you’re not just listening to music; you’re feeling it.

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