DJ SoulChild AC: Atlantic City’s Club Music Prodigy

DJ SoulChild AC

Meet Patrick Jeanty Jr, otherwise known as DJ SoulChild AC, a social media sensation, beat maker, club music producer, and a maestro of hip-hop, house music, and Afrobeat Brazilian. DJ SoulChild exudes an infectious energy that has garnered him a legion of over 1.1 million devoted followers across social platforms, most notably on Tiktok (@kingjeanty1989) where he has a whopping follower count of 820,000.

DJ SoulChild’s journey into the music industry wasn’t a conventional paved path. In 2015, amid survival battles and staying at ‘the mission’ homeless shelter in Atlantic City, New Jersey, DJ SoulChild’s fiery passion for music led him down the road less traveled. During a break from shifts at Target, he would frequent the local Guitar Center in Mays Landing, deftly utilising every spare moment to acquire new skills, learn the ropes of the DJ trade and perfect his craft on the DDJ-SX2, a premium DJ controller.

His training wasn’t purely technical. It was steeped in perseverance, backed up by resilience and inspired by undying determination. This grit bore fruit; he transitioned, almost seamlessly, from a situation of challenging living conditions to juggling careers as a club promoter and a burgeoning DJ in the nightlife business, all while creating resonating soundscapes.

DJ SoulChild’s tidal shift in the industry was marked by his sterling performance at a local DJ competition – where he secured an impressive second place – shortly after he began his DJ journey. Subsequent victory at another competition in Philadelphia affirmed his position, further fuelling his fiery passion for music. This led to his foray into music production, and since then, he has been producing harmonious fusion of beats, most notably in Jersey club and House music genres.

DJ SoulChild describes his music as something to get people moving in the clubs. He’s all about good times and good vibes, a breath of fresh air in the clamorous music industry. To him, music is an escape for listeners from their everyday woes, an opportunity to live in the moment and soak in positive energy. He dreams of potential collaborations with artists like Cookie Kawaii, DJ Smallz 732, and Azelia Banks – talents he has a deep admiration for.

His personal mantra of thwarting the naysayers and focusing on those who matter extends beyond his music. It’s a well-embedded part of his life ethos. “Follow your dreams,” DJ SoulChild presses on, as he preps to release Volume 3 of “Ocean One”, his collection of mixtapes on music streaming platforms. This release, slated for Christmas, will be the compelling finale to the trilogy, and perfectly captures the essence of his dynamic sonic journey.

A regular DJ at the Anthem Lounge located in Tropicana casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, DJ SoulChild is thrilled to meet fans old and new alike. His Instagram (@kingjeanty1989) and Twitter (@djsoulchildac) accounts as well as his Facebook page (DJ SoulChild AC) and Tiktok page (@kingjeanty1989) serve as platforms to share his new creations, inspirations, aspirations, and upcoming show dates.

From bare beginnings to the bustling nightlife of Atlantic City, DJ SoulChild AC has emerged as the embodiment of determination, talent, and resilience. His music, steeped in positivity and vibrancy, bears a testimony to his journey and success, making him a true inspiration for millions – breaking molds, shattering ceilings, and charting his own path in the music industry. Through his personal and musical journey, he reminds us all to dance through life’s hardest beats, because there is always a sound of victory waiting to play on the other side.

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