Pioneers of Potential: College Grads Aim to Become America’s Youngest Franchise Owners

The Bagel Dudes

As the dust settles from their recent graduation, Grey Friend and Loren Mondy, aged 23 and 25, are already setting their sights on their next big milestone. Breaking away from the well-trodden path, these audacious entrepreneurs are on course to become the youngest franchise owners in America.

Rather than embarking on conventional career routes, they have invested their energies into a business venture that resonates with everyday America – a breakfast-based franchise focusing on coffee and bagels. Their path, fuelled by a bootstrapped six-figure investment, is a testament to their firm belief in their vision.

College life is traditionally filled with late-night study sessions and the occasional party, but for Grey and Loren, it was an arena for perfecting their entrepreneurial skills. Alongside managing online businesses, consulting companies, and marketing firms, they were able to balance their academic commitments – a feat that has prepared them for the demanding world of business ownership.

The duo has high aspirations for the year ahead. With plans to open multiple franchise locations across the northeast by the end of 2023, they are positioning themselves for a meteoric rise into millionaire status. Their unique blend of daring risk-taking and unwavering commitment underpins their strategy for success.

The journey for these determined entrepreneurs is just beginning. As they set about establishing their brand, they are not only seeking to accumulate wealth but also making their mark in the franchise industry. Each new location is a stepping stone towards their ambitious goals.

Their path represents a new narrative in the world of entrepreneurship. On the brink of becoming America’s youngest franchise owners, their story offers inspiration to other young individuals with dreams beyond the traditional. Their journey underscores that age is no deterrent to success, and with enough hard work and dedication, even the loftiest dreams can be achieved.

As they gear up to carve out a niche in the franchising world, Grey and Loren’s bold venture offers a refreshing perspective on the potentials of youthful entrepreneurship. They are poised to prove that with unyielding determination and a solid business plan, age is just a number in the pursuit of success.

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