Danielle Gray: A Gymnast’s Approach To Fitness

Did you know that you don’t have to be a professional gymnast to use the routines? Well, gymnastics is a sport, but it is also an excellent way of staying fit. If you’re interested in trying a new and exciting way to achieve fitness and your body goals, a coach such as Danielle Gray could guide you in the right direction.

Who Is Danielle Gray?

Gray is a 29-year-old fitness coach from Los Angeles, CA. However, she is not your average personal trainer. Gray specializes in gymnast routines and uses them to help her clients achieve their fitness goals. She is also an entrepreneur and the founder of Train Like A Gymnast, which is a program to help people get fit with gymnastic routines. Gray is also a fitness model and helps people, particularly women, unearth the gymnasts within them.

From a Desk Job to Owning A Company

After graduating from the University of California, Gray started working as a desk job at an online marketing agency. However, she had a side gig where she trained at a gym. While at it, several adults approached her and asked her to teach them her gymnast routines. She, however, did not want to take up their offers until she was trained professionally. She took the NASM fitness trainer exam and passed. On top of that, Gray has earned herself other certifications that make her an expert in her field. These include:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition L1 Certified
  • Former T3+ Equinox Trainer
  • Kettlebell L1 & 2 Certified
  • Pre & Post-Natal Certified
  • Functional Bodyweight Specialist
  • Women’s Fitness Specialist
  • Youth Exercise Specialist

After passing her exam, Gray started working with private clients on weekends. She says that she knew that training gymnast fitness routines were her passion when she started forgetting to pick up her paychecks from

the gym. She was enjoying working with her clients so much that she forgot she was being paid to coach at the gym.

Gray made the big move in 2016 when her supervisor at the desk job approached her and suggested promoting her to a senior accountant’s position. She quit her job because she didn’t want to spend the next 20-40 years at a job she was not happy with, wondering what would have happened if she took chances to do what made her happy.

The Birth of Train Like A Gymnast

While working with her private clients, Gray realized an untapped opportunity in the fitness industry for people who didn’t like the old gym routines to keep them fit. She decided to go for it and launched her Train Like a Gymnast program. In the beginning, it was a 3-month e-book which then evolved into an online and in-person membership program in 2018. From there, the company ventured into one-day in-person workshops, 5-day destination retreats and even created an app.

Gray says that the program’s main agenda is to help people, especially women, stay active for their entire lives and show them that they are capable of staying in shape as forever athletes by using their own incredible minds and bodies to do things they never thought were possible while enjoying the process.

When asked about her creative process, Gray says that it depends on the day and the mood. She is an intuitive and energy-oriented person and works best when under pressure. Gray says that every day is different. She can write paragraphs in a few hours, while on other days, she just procrastinates. On other days she is all bubbly and talkative and says that these are the best days for interviews. Other days, she cannot find the right word to construct a meaningful sentence. Gray likes to start dealing with simple tasks as she gathers energy to deal with the more complex words.

Who is Danielle Gray Outside TLAG?

Besides being a gymnast fitness trainer and entrepreneur, Gray is reliable, genuine, and real. She believes in others even when they can’t believe in themselves. She has a goofy sense of humor and nerds out over HGTV, acro, and her Bengal cat, Zara.

She says that in her free time, depending on the day and mood, she likes to do handstands, stretch, read, walk her cat, eat, visualize her future, clean and organize her working space to clear her mind, meditate, watch nostalgic or funny videos and pole dance. She is also an adventurous traveler.

Any Words for Beginners?

Gray has this to say to people who are starting in the profession:

“It’s important to establish one organically successful staple product or service that you offer in the fitness industry that sets you apart. From there, once you have an offering solidified that your clients and customers associate with you, then you can add in other offerings to not confuse your audience or create client paralysis by analysis with too many choices.”

You can reach Gray on her personal website or social media pages like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also contact her on her business website.

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