American-based multifaceted Indian R&B artist Anizzy’s new EP, “You,” is streaming on popular channels. 


Anizzy is a multitalented R&B singer-songwriter and actor whose sound has been hailed as one of the freshest and most profound R&B styles in recent times thanks to Anizzy’s stunning innovation panache that allows him to seamlessly blend the nostalgic R&B with Bollywood sounds and elements in a way that both honors the genre’s authenticity while paying homage to his Indian roots…a win-win situation, you might say.

“You” is Anizzy’s latest 5-track EP and one that means a lot to him regarding his songwriting and artistic growth. He took time to write all these songs with meticulous attention to detail, and the result is a personal and heartfelt project that he hopes will set the tone for his international acclaim.

With lyrics exploring love, lust, hurt, and hopeful fantasy, “You” is deeply relatable and captivating in equal measure. I love how Anizzy and his team did not rush into things; each track has been allowed a certain level of technicality and delivered with such profundity and heartfelt conviction!

“Give Me A Sign” is a bit cinematic and ear-worming, especially with that hypnotic bassline and rhythmic drop flanked by that effortlessly powerful vocal performance by Anizzy with deeply resonant lyrics that are all about wanting the other person, whom you certainly have a thing for, to make their intentions clear.

The gist of “I Imagine” undeniably rests on that infectious hook delivered in a way that makes resisting its vibe impossible. The track gets off to a delightfully charming guitar harmony, followed closely by the deep-phased beats, with Anizzy breathing life into the lyrical narrative of the tune with his sweet-sounding voice that is enchanting and captivating.

The title track, “You,” is another alluring masterpiece that features a well-realized, stripped-back, and guitar-dominant arrangement with a seamless blend between Anizzy’s delightful vocals and the dulcet guitar harmonies that is nothing short of heavenly. This track has a soulful and unique vibe and is effortlessly likable.

I feel the track “Just Tell Me” has been delivered with a tinge of melancholy, and “I Want More” features such fascinating vocal harmonies that lure the listener in and reward them with a memorable listening experience.

“You” is now streaming on all the popular platforms, including Spotify. Follow the attached link and experience such intimate and thoughtful musical composition and passionate delivery.

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