Xylon Genesis: Innovating the Music Scene for 20 Years and Beyond

Xylon Genesis

Celebrate the intricate rhythms and rhymes of the highly versatile Xylon Genesis, commonly known as ‘Professor X’, as he marks his 20th year in the music industry. Hailing from Leytonstone and now residing in Romford, this multitalented UK-based artist prominently builds divergent experiences as a rapper, poet, singer-songwriter, DJ, producer, drummer, bar manager, and event company CEO into the rich catalog of his evocative world.

X’s journey, a myriad of artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors, reflects a deep commitment to his crafts. Genesis’s ability to blend genres and roles has not only defined his career but also enriched the cultural landscape. His influence extends beyond music, as he mentors aspiring artists and engages in community initiatives, making his two-decade career a beacon of innovation and inspiration. His work, embodying a fusion of lyrical prowess and musical diversity, has captivated audiences and peers alike.

Xylon’s musical approach, deeply ingrained in his upbringing, began to manifest early in his years. Born into a family of accomplished musicians, he was introduced to the harmonious allure of music production via a PlayStation 1 game, ‘Music 2000’. Thus commenced a lifelong exploration of music, paving the way for Xylon to create evocative narratives with his deep, bass-heavy voice—comparable, as admirers point out, to UK rapper Giggs.

As Xylon transformed his newfound passion into a rising career, he found works by Skepta, J Hus, AJ Tracey, Giggs, Joyner Lucas, and Kojey Radical speckling his artist journey with vivid influences. Channeling elements from these artists, Xylon doesn’t just aim to entertain. His mission resonates deeper than that — to inspire, to motivate, and to innovate with each new drop echoing authenticity.

A peek into Xylon’s current venture reveals an eclectic Valentine’s Day event planned for mid-February in Shoreditch, East London. Expect an exhilarating soiree of blind dates, spirited card games, rounds of beer pong, and a surprise performance to spice up the evening. Organized by Xylon’s company, the ‘Darius’ House presents: Darius’ Love Shack’ promises an occasion you wouldn’t want to miss and you can learn more, here.

Adding to the flair of this special annual event, Xylon Genesis is primed to release his R&B single ‘Memories’ on all mainstream music platforms. This anticipated 3 minutes and 7 seconds composition, recorded last summer under the keen supervision of Beverly Knight’s producer, Adriano Desiré, unveils tales of love and longing cloaked under sultry vibes. Resembling the tender narrative on the single cover, the song’s romantic theme hopes to soothe listeners right in the feels of love, longing, and more.

Over two decades, Xylon Genesis has donned numerous roles, from crafting music in Cubase 5 and Logic Pro 8, to performing live in venues across London, New York, and Boston, to releasing compositions that have left a lasting impact on listeners worldwide. Today, Xylon stands as a pillar of musical charisma, supported by an extensive online presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, and YouTube.

Join Xylon—twenty years deep in his diverse journey—in celebrating the power of rhythm, the pull of music, and the magic of storytelling through his upcoming projects. From his sultry R&B single ‘Memories’ to his intriguing Valentine’s event, Xylon continues to break boundaries, one hit at a time.

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