The Art of the Solo Flight: Benjamin Lewis’s Hypnotic Anthem, ‘High In The Sky,’ is Minimalism at its Peak

Benjamin Lewis - High in the Sky

There’s something inherently exhilarating about music that offers listeners a chance to navigate their innermost landscapes. Benjamin Lewis, rapidly emerging as a fresh and authentic voice in the music industry, brings this experience to life with his latest offering, “High in the Sky”. It’s not just a song; it’s a sonic manifesto of raw emotions, individual growth, and the audacious power of perspective.

“High in the Sky” begins with Lewis’s voice – soothing and alluring, casting an enticing melody that intertwines with an ethereal echo in the background. This striking duality, a sonorous meeting of reality and spectral mirage, pulls us into the auditory labyrinth that is this track. There’s an unexpected magnetism in the juxtaposition of the comforting and the eerie, setting a scene of beautiful vulnerability right from the start.

And then, the marvel of minimalism unravels. Lewis pulls off an extraordinary feat in creating a full-bodied, musically rich composition using a deliberately limited palette of instruments and vocals. Like a painter using a grayscale to evoke vibrant imagery, Lewis strips his music bare, the raw simplicity only amplifying the emotional potency. This sparseness also resonates with the solitude inherent in the song – a solitude that is haunting yet thrilling in its resonance.

“High in the Sky” is more than just a catchy single on the EP; it’s the bedrock upon which the entire collection is built. This song, the first one Lewis wrote, ended up as the final track, crowning the EP with its poignant narrative. It explores an enticing dichotomy, an emotional tug of war between feeling alone and whole simultaneously. This experience serves as a metaphorical flight – an uplifting ascent, albeit solo, filled with exhilaration, apprehension, and a dash of the unknown.

The EP weaves a lyrical tapestry that encourages the listener to unravel the meaning behind the phrase “high in the sky.” It paints a picture of the simultaneous exhilaration and vulnerability of a solo flight – the fears, the joys, the potential, the growth, and the infinite skies of personal happiness.

The journey isn’t limited to an auditory experience. Lewis has also crafted a music video, translating the song’s essence into a captivating visual narrative. Five gifted teen dancers give form to the emotion and sentiment of “High in the Sky” through their riveting choreography. The video complements the track beautifully, further highlighting Lewis’s dedication to authentically conveying his song’s sentiment. As he asserts, “The magic within the video is beyond words. The song deserves a visual companion.”

Benjamin Lewis, with his hypnotic new release “High in the Sky,” invites you to journey through a landscape of introspection, personal growth, and self-acceptance. With his evocative lyrics, tantalizing melodies, and compelling visuals, he navigates the complexities of our emotions and experiences, encouraging a dance between one’s individuality and the shared human experience.

Embrace the journey, as Lewis opens the gateway to an emotive rollercoaster with his transformative track. His music is a beacon in the industry, setting the bar high – as high as the sky he paints in his compositions. Dive into Benjamin’s world by visiting his YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram profiles.

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