Slelybeatz: Electronic Music with a Caribbean Twist


In 2013, a promising artist named Slelybeatz embarked on a profound musical journey that began on the vibrant island of Haiti. Over the course of ten years, he would navigate through the music industry, crafting a distinctive sound that represents his unique approach to music production.

Slelybeatz’s story, from his humble Haitian roots to his rise as one of the electronic music scene’s most innovative Haitian producers, is a testament of will, creativity, and deep cultural understanding. It’s a narrative of one man’s determination to bring his culture and unique music aesthetic to a global audience.

Currently, he is breathing new life into a song from his childhood, “Linyon” by Steve Brunache. By reimagining this 1996 classic with his distinctive house remix, Slelybeatz demonstrates his knack for modernizing the music of his roots in an original and contemporary way.

Slelybeatz is a man of many talents, seamlessly transitioning between roles as a music artist, father, radio/TV presenter, personal trainer, voice-over actor, and comedian. Regardless of the hat he’s wearing, Slely’s passions and deep commitments to personal development always shine through.

His music tells a compelling story; a story as old as the ancestors whose rhythms have inspired him, yet fresh as the contemporary electronic sound to which he adds a distinctive Caribbean flair. Slelybeatz’s music blends various genres such as hip-hop, dancehall, and Afrobeat, with traditional voodoo rhythms, thereby, creating a uniquely diverse and immersive listening experience.

Using his YouTube TV show ‘100Questions Tvshow’, Slelybeatz expertly engages his fans through interactive interviews, reviews, and demonstrations. This platform allows fans to witness firsthand Slelybeatz’s innovative knowledge in music production; not only as an artist but also as a content creator and media personality.

Slelybeatz’s social media platforms provide fascinating insights into his creative process, personal philosophies, and a wide array of projects. Fans and curious minds alike follow and connect with the rising artist on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and X.

In terms of collaborations, Slelybeatz dreams big. Artists such as SIA, Rutshell Guillaume, and Wendyyy sit high on his wish list of dream collaborations that would expand and enrich his musical boundaries.

In Slelybeatz’s view, his main goal is to use music as a universal language – to entertain but also to bring people together in mutual understanding and cultural exchange. Above all, he aims for listeners to feel a range of emotions and appreciate the diverse, intricate beauty that music, at its purest form, can provide.

In essence, Slelybeatz stands as a striking blend of traditional vibes and modern beats, perfectly balancing his rich cultural roots with the pulse of today’s electronic music scene. This blend isn’t just about mixing sounds either; it’s a testament to music’s incredible power to bridge worlds, making Slelybeatz a key figure in shaping a truly global soundtrack – and we’re here for it.

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