KRXXSHED: Charting a Cosmic Highway in Dark Trap


Boldly shattering the sonic norm and enthralling audiences with his distinct sound, KRXXSHED breaks the mold of traditional music genres and ascends to a different stratosphere. Also known as Krush or Krushed, this New York City native has made his mark in the vibrant world of Glitch Hop, Dark Trap, and Gangsta Rap, enveloping listeners with layered vocal-play and a knack for insurgent sound exploration.

Krushed – real name Omarion Perry – introduces an alternative form of rap, synthesizing ‘Hyper Pop’ with ‘Dark Trap,’ resulting in an end product impossible to define, yet addictively engaging. With echoes of artists like Three 6 Mafia and Trippjones reverberating through his music, KRXXSHED weaves through melodies with his unyielding vocals and gritty rhythms, exuding a unique combination of modern soundscapes and nostalgic rhythm of the Old School Hip Hop and maverick nineties’ Memphis Rap. Accustomed to blurring lines and bending conventions, KRXXSHED’s music is a refreshing departure from the routine, a sonic portal that takes listeners beyond the realms of the known.

With his vocals drenched in distinct distortion, KRXXSHED’s music creates an unparalleled dark ambience, intertwined with crisp, insightful verses and innovative sound-play. His approach allows his work to resonate on a deeper level, providing comfort, transporting listeners to other dimensions, and assuring them that they are not alone in their experiences. KRXXSHED’s music is a dedicated and sanctified space, a haven where listeners can escape, be themselves, and confront their innermost thoughts.

Launched in 2020, KRXXSHED has been rapidly making waves and accumulating a formidable fan base across multiple platforms – Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, and LastFM to name a few. His dark trap anthem ‘BB Belt’ (produced by snxrrk) alone has managed to amass tens of thousands of fans. Considering his unapologetic artistic approach and ever-growing audience, his rise in the global music scene seems unstoppable.

But let’s trace back the story of KRXXSHED’s artistic journey, which started one ordinary day back in 2019. He dabbled initially by making music with his friends and later joined a band. The group disbanded later, and through his relentless dedication to his craft, he soon found himself affiliated with the esteemed producers in the underground music environment – SpaceGhostPurrp. This led to a fruitful collaboration with BMB Black Money Boys –AKA Boss Mobb Boyz, further establishing KRXXSHED’s sound and signature style.

His upcoming album, set to release in December, promises yet another display of this nostalgic, yet forward-thinking blend that is becoming his trademark. Keeping creativity as his co-pilot, KRXXSHED continues to collaborate with renowned producers while perfecting his craft and preparing to roll out new songs that will uphold his reputation as a charismatic, versatile, and gritty artist.

Inspired by musical maestros such as Bones, Trippjones, Freddie Dredd, Loko Los, Souljaboy, and the girl group TLC, he’s unafraid to channel his innate humour and communicate with his fans, a quality that sets him apart in the industry. His passion for making music that pushes boundaries is why he continues to shine brightly in a galaxy saturated with aspiring stars.

In a nutshell, his dedication to innovation and his tireless imagination allow KRXXSHED to stand out in the crowd. His journey from humble beginnings to the dynamic world of Dark Trap music is a testimony to his perseverance and his uncensured artistic vision. With his bewitching melodies, he continues to remind us to stay true to ourselves, chase our passion, and embrace our vulnerabilities- because every challenge faced, every hurdle crossed, is a stepping stone towards creating something meaningful. Trust him, it’s worth it.

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