Julian Quander Is a Music Force to Be Reckoned With

Julian Quander

There’s a lot of good music out there, but can you honestly remember the last time you actually heard great music? Well, those days have returned once you get your ears on Julian Quander’s single “Never Let the Love Stop” feat. Champagne Duane. This song will put a smile on your face. With a silky-smooth blend of retro Pop and R&B vocals, Julian Quander belts out all the things that have him infatuated with a newfound love, or as he puts it, his “sugar sweet baby”. It’s a throwback to the era of soulful quartets and jazzy instrumentation. Hip Hop artist Champagne Duane glides over the bouncy record perfectly with genius wordplay and charismatic delivery. For years R&B and Hip Hop have tried to fuse to make a record work, and folks believe me, this record works!

The music production for “Never Let the Love Stop” is noteworthy to say the least. NLTLS was produced by So Fo Real Productions also known as SFR Beats, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The music was engineered by Grammy-nominated sound engineer, Carl Rushing in Silver Spring, Maryland. Julian and Carl have been working together on music for more than 15 years, and the chemistry is evident in this soul-lifting classic.

Even more engaging is the adventurous visuals that go along with the track. Hilariously, Julian and Duane play two construction workers who get off work and decide to play a mysterious arcade game known as the “Asiaverse”, and they get zapped into this whole new world. In the Asiaverse, their identities get an upgrade and they’re thrown into stardom.

But being drawn to Asia isn’t so far-fetched for the pair. When it comes to Asia, Julian’s music journey actually has roots in China. Quander went to China in 2010 to pursue his music dreams and, with this clear talent, those dreams quickly became a reality. He’s performed in almost every city in China, and has developed quite a name for himself with over 40k+ followers across several platforms. He is also the first African American to create his own record label based in China called JQ Nation. It appears that Julian is bridging that gap, and showing us that Asia is on the rise.

Now residing and operating in the beautiful island city of Xiamen, Julian hosts events and performs for large crowds. At one of his self-hosted beach parties in 2019 is where he met Champagne Duane. The two connected instantly when it came to music. Champagne Duane is a witty rapper who also has a crafty eye when it comes to sneaker design. In 2019, he was signed to mega Chinese sports brand Anta and is the shoe designer for NBA stars Gordon Hayward and 4-time champion Klay Thompson. The odds of them meeting in a land so far away from the US are slim to none, but the product of this unlikely union has our ears wanting more.

Furthermore, the music industry is full of surprises, and hearing the story behind this music is quite enticing. It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone and go to a different country to pursue music. It’s evident that Julian Quander is on a mission. His mission is far from the ordinary, and shows you that music can be felt from all over the world.

You can follow Julian Quander on Instagram @julianquander. He’s pretty active on there and you can feel that he’s moving in a positive light. We look forward to hearing more from this unique music artist.

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