Dual Diagnosis Dives Deep with Their Latest EP ‘Nature Of The Beast’

Mad Mike - Dual Diagnosis
Mad Mike – Dual Diagnosis

Hailing from New Jersey, the hardcore hip-hop duo Dual Diagnosis, composed of Michael Pompa (Mad Mike) and Paulie Walnutz, has made a significant mark on the underground circuit since the early 2000s. With their musical roots firmly planted in the gritty rap and rock influences of the 90s, their songs tackle themes of mental health, addiction, and healing, striking a chord with listeners far and wide.

Their latest musical project, “Nature Of The Beast,” showcases an evolution in their sound and lyrical depth. Released in May 2024, this track by Mad Mike invites listeners into a raw and emotional journey through personal struggles and the quest for inner peace, all set to a backdrop of vigorous rock beats and compelling rap flows.

The music video for “Nature Of The Beast,” released on May 17, is a striking visual representation of the song’s themes. Directed by Danielle Rackowski and produced by Lost Soul Productions, the video features a stark black-and-white aesthetic, interspersed with nostalgic VHS-type overlays and dynamic shots of Mad Mike performing. The imagery of storms and tornadoes visually amplifies the song’s exploration of inner turmoil and the battle against personal demons. The video is available for viewing on YouTube here.

“Nature Of The Beast” – Dual Diagnosis

The single is part of an upcoming EP also titled “Nature Of The Beast,” which is set to drop on June 13, 2024. This six-track EP will continue to blend rap and rock, delving into introspective and emotionally charged themes. Following closely, Mad Mike is set to release another single, “Patient On The Run,” on May 23, produced by Arcitype. This track will explore mental health and existential dread, providing a hauntingly beautiful counterpoint to its predecessor’s intense vibe.

Over their career, Dual Diagnosis has collaborated with notable artists such as Slaine, Gorilla Voltage, and UnderRated, enriching their sound with diverse influences. Their previous works, including ‘Emerge From The Dark’ (2018), ‘The Intake’ (2020), and ‘No Ordinary Life’ (2022), have been critical in exploring issues relevant to today’s society, especially focusing on mental health and recovery.

As Dual Diagnosis prepares for their new EP release, they continue to solidify their place in the music scene, celebrated for their honesty and distinctive sound. Their commitment to authenticity and their ability to convey complex human emotions through music not only define their artistic journey but also provide a source of comfort and understanding to their audience.

For updates on Dual Diagnosis and their upcoming releases, check out their official website at Lost Soul Productions and follow them on Instagram @dualdiagnosis_. Their music is also available on Spotify here.

With their latest release, “Nature Of The Beast,” Dual Diagnosis opens a new chapter in their saga while also honoring Mental Health Awareness Month. This release underscores their dedication to addressing and breaking down the stigmas associated with mental health issues, doing so through their impactful and deeply resonant music.

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