Beyond Traditional Publishing: The Manhattan Book Group’s Vision for Authorial Success

Manhattan Book Group

Boasting its distinctive position on Broadway’s publishing block in New York City, Manhattan Book Group Publishers breathes life into the concept of hybrid publishing, where tradition meets innovation, while guaranteeing an extraordinary readership turnover with its unique author program. The brainchild of best-selling author J.J. Hebert, this venture successfully intertwines the advantageous aspects of traditional publishing with the creative freedom of self-publishing.

Manhattan Book Group (MBG) takes pride in the integrity of its full-service book publishing program, offering a plethora of pre-production services ranging from professional editorial, custom book design, and noteworthy book title consulting to meticulous market research. Their production process is strengthened by a robust partnership with Ingram, a paramount wholesale book distributor. This partnership has catapulted MBG printed books onto the display racks of 30,000 booksellers and wholesalers in over 100 countries, with the likes of, Barnes & Noble, and Powell’s Books under its belt.

But the jewel in the MBG’s crown lies in its enticing guarantee: every book approved for its unique author program soars on the Amazon Best Seller list garnering media attention from NBC, CBS, and Fox among a litany of major media outlets. This game-changing proposition stands loud and clear above contemporary publishers promising the moon and falling short of delivering.

The financial structuring of Hebert’s proprietary author program appeals to a wide array of authors, with the lion’s share of investment going towards editorial, design and distribution aspects. For an investment ranging from $10,000 – $13,000 or a feasible financing option, authors are assured professional editing, custom book cover and page layout, ISBN assignment, keyword and market research, back cover copy creation, worldwide book distribution via Ingram, and a string of other paramount services while retaining their publishing rights and full creative control.

Adding icing on the cake, MBG partners with award-winning actress and best-selling author Mariel Hemingway, granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, under a promotional package. Authors can avail themselves of an endorsement video from Hemingway, a promotional YouTube campaign, a press release article on their connection with Hemingway, and distribution to major affiliate websites.

Led by the author and industry veteran J.J. Hebert himself, MBG thrives on quality over quantity, establishing its firm beliefs in refraining from the “McDonald’s drive-thru” process rampant in today’s market. Each manuscript is meticulously vetted despite not needing representation by a literary agent. This forms the traditional aspect of MBG where titles undergo rigorous editing and professional designing by an expert team, giving authors the prestige of working with a NYC publishing house along with full-service support.

The self-publishing side of this unique model allows authors to retain their royalties, while their publishing rights and creative control remain intact. These measures whip up a potent mix of creativity and intelligence, striking a balance between traditional and self-publishing, rendering Manhattan Book Group Publishers an innovative hybrid in the publishing domain.

For authors, landing on Amazon’s Best Seller list and having their book seen by major news outlets can bolster credibility, open up possibilities for speaking engagements, and provide the opportunity for increased radio and podcast appearances.

In recognition of their innovative model, the Manhattan Book Group Publishers received accolades from the Stellar Business Awards (March 2022) as NYC’s Best Publishing Service and is touted as number one Independent Publisher in NYC by Kev’s Best.

The unique juxtaposition of tradition and innovation at Manhattan Book Group Publishers has animated a renaissance in book publishing, making it a sought-after destination for assured success in the literary arena.

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