Altered State Productions Ignites a New Subscription Model

Altered State Productions

The first of its kind-  subscription-based video editing platform is unveiled, transforming the clunky process of consultations, quotes, and endless emails into a streamlined platform tailored for video ads, commercial spots, and brand content.

Altered State Productions simplifies video editing with its subscription service, boosting engagement, click-through rates, brand exposure, sales, and audience retention for creators and businesses.

Video Production Editing, which turns raw footage into polished content, can be overwhelming. Altered State offers professional services to save time and enhance quality.

Starting at $850 a month, this strategic initiative caters to a diverse clientele, including high-profile names such as New York Fashion Week, Dallas Blends, Samsung, Welks Resorts, and Revo, showcasing Altered State Productions’ capability to produce compelling content across various platforms. Specializing in YouTube videos, social media content, brand narratives, and targeted video ads for Amazon and Facebook, the service positions itself as a comprehensive solution for a content driven feed.

Altered State Productions combines innovative and bold campaigns with a tapped-in understanding of current trends, providing brands with the edge they need. Their advertisements, which have garnered awards, are more than just promotional material; they are evidence of their creative brilliance, affirming their identity as true creators. Leveraging a robust network of affiliates to enhance visibility and drive sales, Altered State Productions possesses a distinctive ability to transform any creative idea into an impactful reality, ensuring their projects leave a lasting impression.

Edit without Limits

Altered State Productions offers a streamlined production service, eliminating the need for individual editing setups and facilitating access to advanced editing capabilities without the necessity for personal investment in equipment or software. This service is particularly beneficial for those preferring not to handle post-production tasks in-house, providing a practical and efficient solution.

The video editing agency utilizes industry-standard tools such as Cinema 4D for roto brush techniques, Adobe After Effects for motion graphics, Adobe Illustrator for isometric designs, Adobe Audition for sound design, and DaVinci Resolve for color grading. It supports high-resolution video production up to 8K, accommodating various aspect ratios. The comprehensive editing package includes footage selection, trimming, color grading, sound mixing, transitions, branding, subtitle creation, and promotional clips, ensuring each project is professionally polished and publication-ready.

Created by Top Video Editors

This subscription grants direct access to seasoned industry professionals, offering a significant advantage for creators and businesses looking to optimize their resource allocation. With the expertise of these professionals, subscribers can focus more on content creation, leveraging the time saved by outsourcing editing tasks.

Eddie Castillo, co-founder of Altered State Productions, is an American entrepreneur, digital marketer, and media director renowned for establishing a media production and creative agency that stands out in the industry. Under Castillo’s leadership, Altered State Productions selectively recruits top editors, enhancing the marketing services’ accessibility and efficiency. Castillo’s vision extends further with partnerships with leading software providers, leading to the development of the Market Shop. This innovative platform streamlines campaign creation, introducing AI-driven customer service and an intelligent web form that assists users in tailoring their video editing needs, encompassing everything from brand awareness to engagement strategies.

Intuitive Platform for Scaling Brands

The Market Shop platform reshapes campaign creation with a focus on the user, making it simple for clients to craft their campaigns precisely how they envision. This streamlined approach enhances transparency and puts control squarely in the hands of those creating and executing campaigns, revolutionizing the process from start to finish.

Eddie Castillo, drawing on his extensive background as a media director, has been instrumental in developing the Market Shop, addressing the nuanced challenges within the industry. The platform’s design, inspired by the functionality and user-friendliness of services like “Uber Eats”, provides a vast selection of artists’ portfolios. This rich diversity allows clients to find and customize creative solutions that perfectly align with their brand’s unique aesthetic and goals, ensuring each campaign hits its mark with precision.

Brian Medina, Communications Director, emphasizes the platform’s forward-thinking approach: “The traditional methods of initiating projects, like making discovery calls or sending out proposals, just don’t cut it anymore. Today, everyone wants services that are not only cost-effective and reliable but also quick to deliver. That’s exactly what we’re aiming to provide, meeting the expectations of modern business leaders.”

This platform makes professional video editing more approachable through features designed for today’s budget-conscious environment, including a rewards program and flexible payment methods such as PayPal’s “Pay in 4”. Altered State Productions’ subscription service streamlines the video editing process, allowing creators and businesses to easily tailor their projects with expert support. It marks a leap forward in making content creation more accessible, offering adaptable, clear solutions tailored to meet the evolving requirements of the industry.

Altered State Productions Video Editing Suite provides a one-stop marketplace for all video production needs, including commercials, YouTube content, Facebook and Amazon ads, social media videos, and branding commercials, streamlining access to high-quality video services. Learn more at

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