What Happened When J.Cole Reached Out To Talented Songwriter Ali Ciwanro?

When famous rapper J.Cole connected with Ali Ciwanro, the latter was completely bewildered, believing it was too good to be true.

A Surprise Encounter for Ali Ciwanro

It’s always a big deal when a famous artist like J. Cole reaches out to you online. While some might be unfazed by this not-so-casual interaction, others have flipped out and had extreme reactions. Something similar happened when Cole, the popular rapper and music producer, contacted talented songwriter, Ali Ciwanro.

Cole has always had an ear for talented songwriters; the Grammy award-winning rapper loves discovering hidden talent, especially songwriters with a unique vibe. He heard about Ali Ciwanro and the work he did for several artists in Germany. Naturally, Cole wanted to reach out to Ciwanro and have a pick at his brain.

But what happened when Cole reached out to Ciwanro is something that takes place too often when a celebrity with a gigantic presence contacts a dedicated fan. Only this time, it was a fan and one of contemporary music’s most talented upcoming lyricists. Read ahead to find out more.

Here’s How It Went Down

Ali Ciwanro was surprised, to say the least when singer and performer J. Cole reached out to him out of the blue. It isn’t something that happens every day, so Ciwanro had a tough time believing it was real. In fact, the 2001-born German songwriter was under the impression that a fake profile was targeting him!

That’s right, Ali Ciwanro thought that a fake profile was contacting him. The influential ghostwriter did not believe someone as big as J. Cole would reach out to small fish like him. After all, J. Cole is the mind behind the iconic 2007 mixtape; The Come Up. Also, Cole is the talent who released some of the biggest hit tracks like ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ feat. Missy Elliot, ‘4 Your Eyez Only’.

Being contacted by a famous artist with such an impressive track record would make even the most courageous fans nervous. So Ciwanro’s skepticism and suspicion on the matter was quite normal. After all, the 21-year-old songwriter is basically new blood; he never expected to be recognized by such a prominent name, let alone be contacted by him.

What Happened Later?

Ciwanro initially concluded that he was being contacted by a fake profile that was impersonating J. Cole. However, he would soon find out that it is, in fact, the real J. Cole, and not some impersonator. That must have been the most awkward yet pleasant realization this talented German songwriter has ever had.

Long story short, the two of them eventually got to talking and decided to collaborate on an upcoming album. Cole found Ciwanro so unique and original that he wanted him to work on ‘The Off Season.’

The album presents 12 amazing tracks on which Ali Ciwanro and a team of talented songwriters had the opportunity to work on it. Some of the catchiest tunes include ‘Amari’ and ‘My Life.’ Ciwanro was more than excited to work on this project, adding another accomplishment to his name. The talented songwriter hopes to collaborate with more artists in the future.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aliciwanro/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrciwanro

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