The Journey of Haven: New York Artist’s Hymns for the Unloved


For those yet to experience their first romantic brush, a lifeline has emerged from an unexpected source – a fresh New York singer-songwriter, Haven, whose alt-pop EP “I Write Music For Those Who’ve Never Been In Love” has struck a chord on the music scene. Released February 2nd, the 11-minute synth-pop/electro-pop collection has been crafted, according to the rising starlet, for the sole consumption of the unloved.

Prescription by melody, the EP is not just a passive dosage of tunes. Haven describes her music as an intimate conversation between the heart and mind, set to the rhythm of love. There’s an evident demonstration of creative prowess far beyond Haven’s fledgling status in the industry that runs through each track of the EP. Her talent for penning lyrics, coupled with her charming vocals and compelling instrumentals, shapes her narrative of vulnerability and resilience into a captivating musical celebration.

Haven’s EP, “I Write Music For Those Who’ve Never Been In Love,” emerges as a compelling showcase of her musical prowess, featuring standout singles like “Better Run,” “Don’t Wake Me Up,” “21,” and “I Don’t Want To Dream Anymore.” Each track is a testament to Haven’s versatility and creativity as an artist, delivering a unique vibe that underscores her ability to traverse a variety of sounds and styles. The EP’s production quality, marked by really good mixing and mastering, plays a crucial role in bringing Haven’s artistic vision to life, enhancing the overall listening experience. This meticulous attention to detail not only amplifies the impact of each song but also positions Haven alongside seasoned professionals in the music industry.

Through this project, Haven demonstrates her exceptional skill set as a songwriter and vocalist, showcasing her capacity to craft engaging, dynamic musical pieces that captivate listeners. Her EP is a clear signal of her emerging talent, promising a bright future as she continues to explore and define her place within the vast landscape of contemporary music.

Originally from Brooklyn, Haven has created a rep as a daring artist, budding with contagious creativity and distinctive sound. She draws her inspiration from a range of alt-pop icons including Rihanna and Florence and The Machine, and maintains an endearing honesty in her tracks that resonate deeply with her listeners. Interestingly, it’s not all about the vocals to her. Haven’s music serves as an extension of her dormant emotions, a therapeutic release for an otherwise quiet persona in real life.

The rising star sings with a raw authenticity, a balancing act between expressing herself and connecting on an interpersonal level. Her interest in various genres ensures a diverse feast for her listeners, promising to dabble into indie rock soon. The prospect of an ongoing collaboration with Rihanna remains a heartening aspiration, leaning on the inspiration she’s drawn from the pop icon since she was 12.

Haven’s musical journey began with a simple microphone from her dad’s basement collection. At the tender age of 12, she started crafting beats in her mind to accompany her early writings, laying the groundwork for her future in music. Over time, her quest for expression evolved as she scoured the internet for the perfect instrumentals that resonated with her lyrics, marking a significant leap in her artistic development. Today, Haven’s music stands as a sanctuary for her listeners, offering a promise of safety and understanding.

Through her songs, she encourages her audience to navigate the rich spectrum of human emotions, from joy to sorrow, with grace and resilience. Her growing body of work reflects an expanding panorama of expression, as she continues to captivate and inspire with her innovative approach to music, inviting her fans to explore the depth and breadth of life’s experiences alongside her.

Despite her modest self-description as being a beginner, Haven’s steady success manifests beyond music alone. The starlet is fiercely independent, with no industry backing, giving her music an intelligent undertone that resonates strongly with the concerns of modern listeners. She takes pride in reflecting a necessary societal dialogue through her music, gently nudging her fans towards an introspective journey.

Haven wraps the experience of her music in the comforting fabric of inclusivity, encouraging her fans to embrace their full emotional range without fear of being judged. This connection forms the essence of Haven’s music – a testament born of shared experiences, in the face of a judgmental world.

Follow Haven’s journey on Instagram, explore her Music, and find out more about her on her Website. With a creative pulse that keeps her audience on their toes, and a string of diverse projects lined up, Haven invites everyone to experience the therapeutic power of her music, stretching the boundaries of genres and emotions.

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