The Woman Behind Starra Education: Joanne Docherty’s Passion for Mental Health Advocacy

Joanne Docherty

Is it safe to assume that we all faced mental health issues to a degree at some point in our blessed lives? Because of the mental health stigma the society runs with, most people would rather ignore the warning signs than call out for help.

While there may be exceptions to this rule, many people deal with it every day, leading to an overall unproductive situation regardless of where they may be. 

Today, we bring you one of the industry’s best mental health trainers/consultants, Joanne Docherty, and her company, Starra Education. She’s helped various companies achieve productivity at the max and helps individuals and families across the globe.

But even though she’s been tirelessly working together with multiple companies and teaching people how to overcome them for over 15 years, we’re not surprised some of you must be clueless about her or her multiple achievements. 

She has quite the journey behind and ahead of her. With her passion for her craft, Joanne mentioned she is dedicated to bringing change by promoting positive mental health culture in workplaces and individuals alike!

Meet Joanne Docherty: Mental Health Advocate and Founder of Starra Education

Joanne Docherty has amassed a great influence since she began her journey right after getting her qualifications.

She has recently been an educator at the University of Glasgow, has a seat at the Scottish Parliament Group For Mental Health, and is the founder of Starra Education, among other accomplishments.

Throughout her hardworking career, she has also worked and hasn’t stopped working with various non-profit organizations, lending a hand to anyone experiencing mental health issues. 

Joanne graciously helps by applying various strategies she’s learned from her long professional experience and great educational foundation. But what’s fueling this passion? What makes Joanne Docherty a cut above the rest in what she does?

The fuel stems from her childhood since Joanne Docherty was born into a family where her own mother was dealing with a mental health disorder, Schizophrenia. 

Even though her mother died when she was young, she realized the pain and suffering she must’ve gone through when Joanne’s mother had her, but only after she gave birth to her daughter.

Since then, Joanne and Starra Education have been working tirelessly to educate families and individuals on mental health and offer various accredited training and qualifications strictly on mental health.

Starra Education’s Mental Health First Aid Training

Starra Education was founded by Joanne Docherty and she is working hard to be one of the best mental health trainers out there. 

She delivers evidence-based programmes to teach employees in organisations how to spot signs of mental issues amongst their colleagues, then what steps to take if they have identified people who are struggling. To book or learn more about Starra Education, you can click on the following links!

Website – Starra Education

Facebook – Starra Education

Instagram – Starra Education

Twitter – Starra Education

Other – Linktr. ee

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