SAVARRE – Blood Under the Bridge Review

SAVARRE – Blood Under the Bridge Review

SAVARRE is a fascinating artist with a unique style, and she shines in every one of her performances. She’s a wholly unique performer through and through, and there’s a lot to like about her, especially if you’re a fan of more classic rock styles. You’re always in for a good time, especially when she blends ideas and influences to create something new. Her single, “Blood Under the Bridge,” is a testament to how effective this approach to songwriting and music is.

“Blood Under the Bridge” is a powerhouse of a single, a showcase of what makes SAVARRE special among her peers in rock. It’s a personality-driven single, putting her at the song’s forefront. A song like this hinges entirely on its performer to keep listeners hooked, so the weight is on SAVARRE here. Thankfully, she blazes through extraordinarily, making a great show of her musical talent and skill.

“Blood Under the Bridge” is an excellent ol’ fashioned rock song, but paired with some groovy riffs and a fun, gothic atmosphere. SAVARRE’s vocals steal the show, as shown effortlessly handles high and low notes with impeccable control. She commands your attention, and the catchy riffs complement her perfectly. The song rises according to how she sings it, making it a fascinatingly dynamic performance.

The single’s also fun to listen to, as SAVARRE belts powerful vocals to the hardcore instrumentals. Despite its slower pacing, there’s an almost combative, aggressive feel to the music. When the song approaches its climax, it begins to pick up the pace and build up quickly. It all culminates in an energetic finale, pushing SAVARRE’s vocals even higher. Then, things slow down again before the song ends.

Production on the single is wonderful, too, despite the many different instruments and elements at play. Things are kept well balanced, with a focus on the parts that need it more. SAVARRE’s voice elevates when it requires focus and then mellows down as she sings the softer lines. The percussion in the background maintains a steady rhythm as the cymbals clash faster and faster. 

Overall, as we said earlier, there’s simply a lot to love with SAVARRE’s music, and “Blood Under the Bridge” is a highlight of this. So many fun, personality-driven moments that are just impossible not to shake your head to, and SAVARRE herself is a cult of personality who’s impossible not to like. “Blood Under the Bridge” gets a hearty recommendation from us!

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