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Holden Bierman - Coastal Cool

Born on August 11th, 2007, Holden Bierman is the CEO and Founder of the go-to beach vacation lifestyle brand and online fashion retail from Coastal Cool. Holden is known for his networks and social platforms, surpassing over 100,000 followers. Coastal Cool offers swimwear & ready-to-wear beachwear collections made from recycled plastic bottles—vibrant, modern, and classic collections made for performance, comfort, and style. Coastal cool offers a line of vacation and tropical-based clothing for both men and women, from recycling to vacationing. Coastal Cool have you covered and is made for worry-free leisure time. Since Holden was young, he has always had a passion for business and entrepreneurship. Holden attends Fuquay-Varina High School in Wake County, North Carolina.

Holden focuses on being the CEO and Founder of Coastal Cool while being a full-time high school student and athlete. Holden is active on his social media, posting his fitness, health regime, and business lifestyle to his followers on Instagram.
Behind the Brand

During COVID-19, virtual learning was vital in grounding Holden in an environment that allowed him to think creatively. In his spare time, he learned the backend software Shopify and began exploring the world of e-commerce. Holden was always fascinated with online shopping and retail brands such as Amazon. Holden began focusing directly on DTC ( Direct to Consumer ) based brands and started to learn everything that went into building a business from the start-up.

Holden spent late nights and long work days building Coastal Cool while managing a full-time online school with the support and initial funds from his parents, Jeff and Stephanie Bierman. According to sources, Jeff Bierman works alongside Holden as chief financial officer of Coastal Cool. In the late summer of 2020, Coastal Cool was launched. The brand started and was established by selling branded graphic tees and sweatshirts. Coastal Cool began to focus on the original basic designs and graphics.

As time passed, the brand continued to grow, focused on a new path of products, and aimed to pave a new way for itself. In 2021, Coastal Cool launched its swimwear line composed of recycled fabrics and ready-to-wear beachwear collections. The group was fortunate to find high-quality suppliers and production centers to source recycled materials and swimwear without sacrificing quality and decided the market was ready for something timeless and unique.

With new Vibrant, Modern, and Classic collections made for performance, comfort, and style. Ready for any occasion. Coastal Cool had officially rebranded itself into a luxury- based tropical online retail brand. Coastal Cool is now known for its designs and breathable swimwear collections. The garments and fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles that provide stretchable and breathable comfort, ready for any occasion. Coastal Cool is made for worry-free leisure time, from recycling to vacationing.

The assortment of bathing suits is crafted using repurposed plastic containers. These plastic vessels and reusable materials are retrieved from the sea before being cleaned and reduced to tiny fragments. Subsequently, these shards undergo a heating procedure to transform into minuscule granules. Ultimately, these granules are shaped into flexible, air-permeable, eco-friendly textiles adorned with vibrant designs perfect for memorable moments. Coastal Cool aspires to create a lasting, positive environmental influence while ensuring you look stunning and distinctive every moment.

Coastal Cool promotes itself through various social media profiles as they build momentum. Coastal Cool has over 120 thousand Instagram followers, connecting with diverse beach-based content creators and social media influencers. Coastal Cool boosts its line of collections through lifestyle shots and content on Instagram through posts and reels.

Coastal Cool is the ultimate seaside label for your upcoming getaway. Boasting lively, timeless, and contemporary attire ensures your ease, functionality, and style needs are met, crafted for a carefree, enjoyable experience and a lasting impression.

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