Engjell Berisha Photographed by Paparazzi Making Music in Mykonos

Engjell Berisha Photographed by Paparazzi Making Music in Mykonos

Engjell Berisha, known as Engjiz, a popular musician and songwriter, was recently seen on Mykonos island of Greece enjoying some time off and doing what he loves most – making music. The talented artist looked happy and relaxed as he played his guitar by the beachfront and sang to the waves crashing ashore. It’s great to see him living his dream life and inspiring others with his music.

He was photographed by paparazzi making music with friends at a beach bar. The pictures quickly went viral, as fans worldwide expressed their excitement to see him having fun and enjoying his time off. Engjell is known for being very positive, always radiating happiness and joy wherever he goes. It’s great to see that he’s still able to have some good old-fashioned fun despite his busy schedule!

Berisha said in his story he is getting more music out soon; as of now, he is getting ready to play many gigs at many festivals.

Engjell Berisha’s latest summer song will surely get your toes tapping and heart racing! Its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics make it the perfect tune for hot summer days. So crank up the volume and let Engjell take you away!

We have also seen Martin Garrix in Mykonos, and he seems to be having a great time! He’s been sharing photos and videos from his trip on social media, and it looks like he’s enjoying the sun, the sand, and the sea. He’s even managed to find some time for some serious partying – Martin was seen hitting the clubs with friends until the early hours of the morning, where we saw that Engjell Berisha was there as well; it sounds like Martin is having a blast in Greece – here’s hoping he has an amazing time!

Engjell Berisha was asked about the connection between him and Martin Garrix, and he said they have a couple of mutual friends. He mentioned that he also was a big inspiration to Engjell when starting his music journey, so it’s great to see that Engjell and Garrix are enjoying the places Europe has to offer, and we are glad to see them having a good time.

We wish Engjell a great summer, and we are looking forward to hearing more music from him; we are sure that he will do amazing this year with many tracks that he plans to release.

His songs seem to be doing well now, and we are super happy. Let’s not forget he released his song “Need a reason” recently.  

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